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We prepared a comprehensive guide for those who would like to explore the in-depths of skydiving. You can find below all the necessary information on its origins and how to do it with a detailed equipment list. The most popular spots in Türkiye and from around the world to embark on a thrilling skydiving experience are also waiting for you.   

What is Skydiving?

what is skydiving

Skydiving is one of the most popular extreme sports in the world, where the adrenaline rush of high altitudes meets with amazing scenery of the nature and cities. While the idea of free-falling from the sky might seem scary at first, skydiving is a safe and fun choice for adventurers of all ages.

Historical Origins of Skydiving

Skydiving is an older extreme sport that has been around since the end of 18th century with the first parachute jump in 1797. The main idea of skydiving is to free-fall until a certain altitude from an aircraft or a mountain, fly about 30 to 180 seconds, and then gradually float in the air until you land on safe ground with a parachute. Since 1797, the sport has come a long way of incredible technological improvements and became a worldwide attraction. 

How to do Skydive?

How to do Skydive

Skydiving seems thrilling or maybe even frightening at first, but overcoming that fear would be the biggest step you can take to accomplish your first skydiving experience. After you overcome the fear, tandem skydiving is the way to go for most first-timers. In tandem skydiving, you will be firmly connected to an experienced instructor and he or she would be doing the most of the work; no previous experience is necessary. There are spectacular spots scattered around the world where you can enjoy skydiving for relatively low fees for this memorable experience.

Before You Go- Stuff You Need to Know

Although detailed information about necessities are given in the skydiving centers, it is good to know a couple of things beforehand.


One of the most common misconceptions about skydiving is that you would not being able to breathe. This is completely wrong and you can absolutely breathe during the skydiving experience even in extreme speeds like 300 kmh. 


Skydiving is an aerial sport and security measurements should always be the number one priority. It is possible to think skydiving is dangerous at first, but it is one of the safest extreme sports with much fewer fatalities than car accidents by ratio in the USA.


Talking is not possible with other skydivers while you are skydiving since the noise of the wind would be much higher than a human can exceed. You can still communicate with your carrier though. 

Skydiving Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Skydiving?

skydiving equipment list

It is always good to familiarize yourself with the equipment you will be using, before actually skydiving. Most of the equipment will be given to you in skydiving centers but bringing your own cool jumpsuit is not a bad idea.


Parachute is the equipment that is going to keep you floating in the air. Parachutes come in various sizes but first-timers usually go with wider and slower ones in order to minimize the impact of landing. All skydivers jump with two parachutes, one main and one reserve, as a safety measure. 

Skydiving AAD

Skydiving AAD is an “automatic activation device” that will automatically deploy your parachute if you or your instructor can’t manually deploy it in an case of unconsciousness. AAD monitors your altitude and descent rate, then gets triggered in a certain height, making sure that you land safely.


There are numerous jumpsuits designed for certain skydiving activities. Most skydiving centers provide you with one upon request.


Altimeters is a useful way to measure the altitude you are in up in the sky. Experienced skydivers sometimes don’t use an altimeter since they can roughly estimate their current altitude.

Goggles and Helmet

Goggles are essential for your eyes when you are skydiving. Goggles cover your eyes from the wind and it is nice to see clearly while you are free-falling around 200 km/h. Helmets are also good to have because it protects your head especially during the exit from the aircraft and at landing.

How to Get Ready for Skydiving: Useful Tips for Skydiving

Skydiving is surely challenging but not difficult when you are thoroughly ready. Here we have some tips for you that will enhance your skydiving experience. 

Have a Breakfast.

It is important to have a healthy and moderate breakfast before you jump. Empty stomach worsens your already nervous stomach. You can also bring some snacks with you to the drop zone.

Wear the Right Equipment.

If you are jumping with loose clothing, you are sure to experience the cold weather in higher altitudes. It would be best for you to wear a jumpsuit with close-fitting layers. Try not to negotiate the equipment that is provided to you. 

Get Your Journey on Record.

Skydiving is probably one of the most exciting experiences you can have. Although skydiving centers usually offer a recording service, you can also bring your own camera just for the scenery.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep.

You want to be well-rested before your thrilling skydiving experience. A night of good sleep will reduce your stress level, elevating your mood and attention for skydiving. 

When is the Best Time for Skydiving?

when is the best time for skydiving

Skydiving is possible and fun in every season in various parts of the world. Winters can be a bit more challenging since higher altitudes are much colder than the ground temperature.

There are beautiful sceneries in every time of the year, but truly, much of these sceneries depend on the location, making skydiving a unique experience to the part of the world you try it. You can have a spectacular skydiving experience in Dubai accompanied by clear skies and endless Arabian Gulf or in Kayseri with an amazing snowy mountain in the background during the winter.

The best time for skydiving during the day is usually in the mornings. The sun is much more forgiving and keen to participate in these spectacular sceneries in the morning, compared to hot and bright afternoons.   

Best Places for Skydiving in Türkiye

Türkiye is one of the most popular destinations in the world with many skydiving spots that are accompanied by amazing historical or natural sceneries. These spots are located in various parts of the country and all promise reasonably-priced adventures for the nature lovers who want to try skydiving.

İstanbul Skydiving

Although İstanbul is mostly known for its unique historic landmarks and cultural heritage, the city also has amazing spots for skydiving. Ormanlı village in Çatalca district in European side of the city and Şile district in Anatolian part offer amazing skydiving experiences. While buying your plane ticket to İstanbul, don’t forget to plan your skydiving adventure, too. 

Ephesus Skydiving

Ephesus is a well-preserved ancient Greek city that was built in the 10th century BC and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Türkiye. In Ephesus, you can have a unique skydiving experience with an ancient city lying kilometers below from your feet. There are shuttles to the drop zone departing from Selçuk town center.

Ephesus is in the beautiful city of İzmir, making buying a ticket to İzmir not only a perfect seaside vacation but also an adventure for both history and adrenaline lovers.

Fethiye Skydiving

Fethiye is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Türkiye with millions of international tourists every year. Fethiye is also an amazing skydiving destination thanks to its clear skies and sea.

Pegasus Airlines provides two practical flights where you can easily travel to Fethiye from; one flight to Milas-Bodrum Airport and the other one to Dalaman Airport.

Antalya Skydiving

Antalya is the southern coastal city of Türkiye and popular among international and local tourists. Side and Kaş districts have amazing skydiving centers in Antalya. As Antalya is a major international tourist attraction, make sure to book your Antalya flight tickets in advance!

Kayseri Skydiving

Kayseri is located in the central part of Türkiye and is a prominent skydiving spot in the country. The city is built on the foothills of Erciyes Mountain and offers spectacular sceneries in the winter season. Buy your Kayseri flight tickets to enjoy a winter vacation where you can both try skydiving and skiing in Erciyes. Pegasus Airlines offers flights to popular skydiving centers in Türkiye, where you can experience the rich history and the natural beauty of Türkiye, as well as the thrill of skydiving.

Best Places for Skydiving in the World

There are many marvelous skydiving spots around the world where you can have an unforgettable skydiving experience. Here we have listed our top locations:

Dubai Skydiving

Dubai is one of the most acclaimed skydiving centers in the world. There are many skydiving centers with various concepts and sceneries in the city. In Dubai, even indoor skydiving is possible with the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel. Say yes to this adventure and book your Dubai plane ticket, taking off from the beautiful Istanbul.

North Cyprus Skydiving

Skydiving in North Cyprus is a thrilling experience. You can jump from the aircraft almost 4 kilometers above from the ground with a speed of 200 kmh. The natural beauty of North Cyprus with its clean, endless sea and green land will turn skydiving into a visual experience. Book your North Cyprus ticket today to fly this beautiful island where you can enjoy the sea and the sky, together.

London Skydiving

London is one of the most prominent centers for skydiving in Europe with millions of sky-divers visiting the city every year. The city has many world-class instructors and you can enjoy freefalling up to 80 seconds, even in your first time! Pegasus Airlines offers flights to London from a number of cities in and around Türkiye.

Barcelona Skydiving

Barcelona is a very-well organized coastal city and seeing it from above has always been a pleasure for its visitors. There are customer-friendly skydiving centers in Barcelona which offers a taste of that spectacular scenery. Check out reasonably-priced flights to Barcelona from Türkiye and a number of Middle Eastern countries to discover the beauties of Barcelona, up from the sky.

Rotterdam Skydiving

Second largest in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is a charming city. While travelling in this city, make sure to check out the skydiving centers as well. It is an amazing and different activity even beginners can enjoy and one you’ll never forget. Book your flight to Rotterdam today and enjoy the opportunities this lovely city has to offer.   

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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