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Zip Lining

Zip Lining


Below you can find a comprehensive guide that includes all the necessary information you will need to know for zip lining. We compiled together useful explanations on how to do zip lining as well as the most popular locations to do it in Türkiye and in the world. 

What is Zip Lining?

what is zip lining

Zip lining is an action-filled recreational activity that involves riding a steel cable on a protective seat or a belt between two points and generally on a valley that exhibits spectacular sceneries. Origin of zip lining is highly practical and used in the Himalayas and Alps as a way of transportation and observation in Costa Rica without disturbing the natural environment. Zip lining as a recreational activity is fairly new; it is around since the late 20th century. Today, zip lining is a growing outdoor activity with millions of participants around the world.

How to do Zip Lining?

how to do zip lining

In simplest terms, zip lining is done utilizing the decline of the slope through a cable which starts from a relatively higher point compared to the end. The friction is reduced with a pulley from which from zip liners are riding down at a slightly accelerated pace. Nevertheless, the maximum velocity of the ride will be determined by different factors such as the person’s weight, the slope or length of the cable. The height of the cable is also affected by the structure of the line whether it is constructed on a natural platform or an artificial one. Its length may also differ depending on the required intensity. Moreover, there are two kinds of brake systems for controlling the speed.  People with heart problems, high blood pressure or other physical issues should consult a doctor before doing zip lining. 

Zip Lining Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Zip Lining?

zip lining equipment list

You don’t need to buy any equipment before you go and enjoy zip lining in a zip lining center; unless you intend to assemble your own small zip line course in your backyard.


Different kinds of cable pulleys are utilized to provide the smooth flow of the zipline, where brakes or gradual speed reductions are activated towards the end. The pulley might be adjusted depending on conditions such as the steepness of the slope or the user’s weight. 


The zipline is connected through steel carabiners for the clipping of the trolley. It is commonly used in activities with ropework to ensure safety. 

Seat and Chest Harness

The seat harness will support your body during your zip lining experience. It consists of straps and carabiners that is clipped to the cable to ensure your safety. You will also wear a chest harness to enhance stability. Instructors in zip lining centers will take care of attaching and detaching of the harnesses.


A helmet is to protect your head from falling objects and aerial obstacles like leaves, birds or branches. Zip lining centers will provide you with a range of sizes and they are usually pretty lightweight.


Gloves are an important piece of equipment that will protect your hands, especially during braking.   If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table. 

Useful Tips for Zip Lining

  • Zip lining is an adrenaline-rushing yet a very safe sport all around, but you should still carefully listen to your guides to prevent any injuries. 
  • If you are planning to zip line in the summer season, it is recommended that you wear sunscreen. 
  • You can bring a mountable camera to capture your zip lining experience. 

When is the Best Time for Zip Lining?

when is the best time for zip lining

In most places, zip lining is a year-round activity that can be enjoyed in every season, even in winter. However it is recommended for you to avoid zip lining at noon, as direct sunlight might prevent you from enjoying the scenery and your surroundings.

Best Locations for Zip Lining in Türkiye


Rize is an ideal place to do ziplining in Türkiye. The natural landscape of Black Sea makes it a famous spot for adventure seekers. Stream of Fırtına on the Ayder Plateau is a particularly preferred place for zip lining. You can find various different points to enjoy zip lining outdoors along the Ayder Plateau. Trabzon Airport is the closest transport hub nearby Rize. You can easily book your flight ticket to Trabzon and embark on an adventurous journey.


Tortum Lake which is located in Uzundere district of Erzurum is a popular place to go for zip lining in Türkiye. You can experience zip lining over one of the most picturesque views in the region and have a picnic afterwards. Moreover, there are planned projects to construct a facility comprising of the longest zip line in Türkiye on Mount Palandöken. Do not forget to book your flight ticket to Erzurum. 


Antalya is located in the southern part of Türkiye and is one of the most popular tourism destinations of the country. Although Antalya is mostly known for its amazing beaches and natural beauties, the city is also a center of outdoor activities both in land and water. Your flight ticket to Antalya is the first step to enjoy zip lining on an age-old Roman bridge and participate in all of the amazing outdoor activities. 


Konya is located in the central part of Türkiye and is known for its cultural heritage and historical landmarks. Konya is also a city filled with natural attractions like “Kelebekler Vadisi” and it is possible to enjoy zip lining there. Book your flight to Konya today and enjoy what the city has to offer. 


Erzincan is located in the eastern part of Türkiye and is home to many natural attractions such as the Euphrates River. It is possible to have a 350 meters long zip lining trip over the river in Erzincan. Book your flight to Erzincan to enjoy this authentic city. 

Best Locations for Zip Lining in the World

Jebel Jais, United Arab Emirates

The world’s longest zipline is located on the Jebel Jais Mountains of United Arab Emirates which is also known to be the highest point of the country. Offering a truly unique experience, there are various tours organized for the sole purpose of ziplining. You should book your flight ticket to Dubai at once in order to have the most thrilling time above a height of 1680 meters! Jebel Jais is within easy reach from Dubai, where you can take the metro or one of the local buses to get there. Alternatively, you can rent a car and organize a road trip along with the country’s most beautiful sceneries.  

Portugal & Spain

World’s only cross-border zip line does exist between Portugal and Spain. It connects Sanlucar de Guadiana in Spain with Alcoutim in Portugal. Visitors can cross over the River of Guadiana through zip lining in between two countries and have an unforgettable experience! You can book your flight ticket to Madrid which very well connected to both places. 

Eiffel Tower, France

Zip lining from Eiffel Tower is not only a dream anymore! It has been set up within the context of a special event in 2017 and 2019. No doubt that flying over the monumental Eiffel Tower is a truly unique experience. Although it has been set up only for a limited time, similar events may take place in the future Make sure to book your flight ticket to Paris if you are courageous enough to get a dazzling view of the French capital from above.

Kronplatz, Italy

Located amidst a fascinating landscape along the mountain range of Kronplatz in South Tyrol offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the longest zip line of Europe. Surrounded by greenery and the Dolomites the zipline ride is about 3.2 km long. You can book your flight ticket to Venice and take the train or local buses to arrive at South Tyrol. 

Stoderzinken, Austria 

Mount Stoderzinken is a hot spot for embarking on a zip lining adventure into the Gröbming Valley. It consists of two sections that set up a path of 2.5 km in total. Moreover, you will have scenic views of the valley throughout your ride. Your experience in Stoderzinken will surely get your adrenaline levels to maximum. You can reach there through booking your flight ticket to Vienna.

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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