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Below you can find all the essential information on motocross sport, how to do it and the required tools you will need. The best places to go for motocross in Türkiye and all around the world are also included for adventure seekers. Make sure to read through the information if you would like to discover more about the most practical tips on motocross and best spots to do it.

What is Motocross?

what is motocross

Motocross or "MX" is a dirt-bike racing sport which riders compete on off-road courses like gravel, mud, or grassy roads. Motocross is not all about competing with other players since the road itself exhibits huge obstacles to beat. The sport evolved in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 20th century from motorcycle trials competitions.  

How to Motocross?

how to motocross

You should take a beginner’s course to start motocross and find a local track to practice on your own. Practice basic riding skills such as break usage, clutch, and riding on rough terrain. It would be great for you to learn to ride in different weather conditions. Try to find a local group because riding with friends can be even more fun. 

At first, focus on improving your riding techniques first rather than just speeding. For beginners, it is good to work on driving straight because the bike will feel like it is bumping all the time, but it is just how the engine works on a dirt bike. As your speed gets faster, it will straighten itself. Also in high speeds, your body will be pushed back, try to keep your body in a forward position to handle the bike better. In a rough terrain, navigate bumps by standing up because while standing your legs will act like a double-long suspension set. It is also important to learn how to fix your bike by yourself.

Motocross Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Motocross?

motocross equipment list

Motocross Motors


Motocross motors are designed and meant for off-road racing, with least possible weight, and have built-in long-travel suspensions.

Trail Bikes

Most trail bikes are not built for racing and often not very well suited for the dirt. They represent the fun part of the sport.

Enduro Bikes

Enduro bikes are great for beginners since they are more practical and easier to use.

Pit Bikes

Pit bikes can be small but their engine size range between 50cc and 120cc and most suitable ones for shorter rides.

Motocross Helmets

Helmets are the most important piece of equipment in motocross and it is illegal to use any motorbike without them. There are many types of helmets available for you with varying advantages and disadvantages. 

Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets will cover your entire head from all sides. They have a face shield to cover your face from dust, sunlight or rain but most of them are heavy and reduce your overall dexterity. Full face helmets are the best option for most challenging off-road and motocross courses. 

Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets will cover the top, sides and the back of your head. It does not protect your chin or eyes but will increase your field of view with more visibility.

Touring Motorcycle Helmets

Touring Motorcycle Helmets are meant for long-distance off-road trips with extra protection against the harmful UV lights and chin protection. They also come with ventilation ports and a Bluetooth system. Touring Motorcycle Helmets are usually more expensive than other motocross helmets.  If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table. 

When is the Best Time for Motocross?

when is the best time for motocross

Although motocross is enjoyable in every time of the year, the summer season can be considered as the best time for motocross since the weather is warm and dry.

Best Courses to Motocross in Türkiye


Kilyos district in İstanbul has one of the best courses in the city. The district is located in the most northern part of the city in the European side. “Yeditepe Motocross Track” in Çatalca district is also a good course to ride on. Book your flight ticket to İstanbul to try out these courses and enjoy the city’s unique atmosphere all around.  


The motocross course in Gölbaşı district is one of the best courses in Ankara. The course is located in the southern part of the city. Book your flight to Ankara to discover the city and try out the Gölbaşı Motocross course.


Susurluk is a district of Balıkesir and is located in the central part of the city. “Susurluk Municipality Motocross Course” is the only course in Balıkesir but is frequently used by MX enthusiasts. Book your flight to Balıkesir to enjoy the course and the city.


Urla is a district of İzmir and one of the most significant centers for motocross in Türkiye. Urla hosted the first race of 2019 Türkiye Motocross Championship. Book your flight ticket to İzmir to enjoy the city and its MX scene.


Kemer district in Antalya has one of the best motocross courses in Türkiye and hosted the last race of 2019 Türkiye Motocross Championship. Book your flight to Antalya to enjoy its varied outdoor activities including motocross.

Best Courses to Motocross in the World


Outskirts of Madrid have many great Motocross courses such as “Circuito Motocross”, “Pamwi Motocross” and “Motocross Madrid Park”. It is possible for you to rent an MX bike from these courses to enjoy the sport. You can book your flight to Madrid in accordance with some good motocross races that are often organized on a monthly basis.


Frankfurt is a developing motocross city with few racing tracks but the city has one of the best courses in its region called “Motocross Strecke MX-Park”. You can book your flight to Frankfurt to enjoy the city and its vibrant amateur MX scene. 


London is one of the most prominent cities in Europe regarding motocross with many challenging courses and local clubs. If you are a motocross enthusiast, its courses might be the best ones for you to check-in with your flight ticket to London.  


Like London, Manchester loves motocross. There are many MX clubs, repair shops, and courses around the city. Book your flight to Manchester to discover this MX-friendly city. 


Zurich has many amazing motocross and biking courses that are located near the city center. It is completely possible for you to fit a good motocross experience in your Zurich journey. Book your flight ticket to Zurich to discover the city and its vibrant motocross scene.

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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