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We prepared a comprehensive guide for those who would like to discover all the details of land sailing. You can find below all the necessary information on what is essentially land sailing and how to do it with a detailed equipment list. The most popular spots in Türkiye and from around the world to embark on land sailing experience are also enclosed for you.  

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What is Land Sailing?

Land sailing is an amazing fun sport that basically involves racing on a wheeled yacht that is powered by wind. Land sailing also known as "sand yachting", "land yachting" or "dirt boarding". Land sailing or "wind-driven carriage" has been around as a way of transportation and recreation since the 6th century BC, but it became a sport during the 1950s Europe. The sport is especially popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

How to do Land Sailing?

how to do land sailing

For the first-timers, land sailing is one of the easiest alternative sports to start. The sport itself does not require much prior experience and can be practiced for everyone aged over ten. There are many build-your-own land sailing kits available with global shipping options. After you get your first kit, you should start practicing for your wind handling and riding skills in a safe environment such as an empty beach. However, there are some additional tricks to contemplate for those who would like to discover all the details of land sailing from the very beginning. For instance, the sailing surface holds particular importance to be able to ride in a small sail board on beaches or dried lakes.  Additionally, the type or classes of land yachts determine the course of the competition. Class 2 are very large in size which in return may limit their speed. On the other hand, class 3 yachts are the most popular group. They can reach up to 113 km per hour due to their smaller size. Class 5 is much smaller and imposes a specific stance for its driver. It is still required to sail it lying down, the pilot uses a seat which is suspended from a steel chassis. 

Before You Go- Stuff You Need to Know

  • Land sailing vehicles usually do not have brakes, so you need to control them by easing off the sail or turning it against the wind.
  • The most common cause of injury in land sailing is speeding. It would be best for you to keep your speed in check.
  • Building a land sailing vehicle with a kit is a great opportunity for a family project.
  • Land sailing is an environmental-friendly sport and encouraged by many organizations around the world. 

Land Sailing Equipment List- What Equipment is Needed for Land Sailing?

land sailing equipment

Land sailing only requires three essential pieces of equipment; the sail, the vehicle and the safety gear. 


The sail is there to ride the wind and give direction to the vehicle. You need to rotate the sail with your feet to the best possible direction to gain more speed.    


Most land sailing vehicles are meant for one person and have three tires with one on the front and two on the back. They are pretty light to increase overall speed and come with various types, especially in professional racing. There are more than six vehicle classes in competitive land sailing races.

Safety Gear 

Land sailing can be considered as a safe sport in comparison to other speed-oriented sports but you still need to wear a safety gear set including a helmet, knee and elbow protection.  If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table. 

When is the Best Time for Land Sailing?

when is the best time for land sailing

Land sailing can be practiced in every season but dry terrain and windy weather are much more preferable for the sport.

Best Locations for Land Sailing in the World

Most of the land sailing locations in the world are in Europe where you can either enjoy yourself a nice holiday or attend to land sailing tournaments. Below, are listed the most popular locations for land sailing in Europe:


The United Kingdom is one of the most prominent countries that practice land sailing. There is a federation in the country that governs the competitive and recreational sailing of land vehicles. If you are into land sailing, a flight ticket to London is a good way to start finding people that share the same interest with you. Towns of Royston and Hoylake are among the premier destinations to practice land sailing in the UK.  Hoylake offers its visitors great options for land sailing. There are various yacht clubs that arrange workshops and activities almost during the year. In Royston, there are also tournament areas and yacht clubs, but these clubs offer land sailing courses for children too. 


Land sailing is a common recreational sport in Manchester with many enthusiasts. There are many designated vast areas in the city’s outskirts to enjoy the sport. Book your flight ticket to Manchester to enjoy the city and land sail.


Amsterdam is home to many recreational sports and land sailing is one of them. “Wind ‘n Wheels” is a good place to enjoy land sailing in a safe and fun environment. The facility is located in the eastern part of the city center. You can buy your plane ticket to Amsterdam to discover the city and its amazing outdoor activities.


Modern land sailing vehicle was invented in Belgium and has been practicing on the shores of the North Sea, especially in De Panne district. You can buy your flight ticket to Belgium to enjoy the country and the sport.

If you are planning to travel with your equipment, there might be additional costs. You can click here to check the extra services price table.

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