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Yerevan Travel Guide

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Yerevan is the capital of Armenia. Situated to the west of the country, on the eastern skirts of Mount Ararat, Yerevan takes the role of a center not only for diplomatic missions but also for commerce, education, history, and tourism. Although founded in the 8th century, city architecture dates back to the early Soviet Union era with large central squares, streets, and avenues connecting other districts to this zone.

General Information about Yerevan



Official Language:


Surface Area:

223 km²

Time zone (GMT / Local time):


Telephone Code:



In the center of Armenia


Continental climate with high temperatures and semi-arid weather


.am / .hwj


Dram (AMD)


1075 million people (2016)

Annual Average Temperature:

-2.5 °C in January to 26.5 °C in July

Socket Type:

Type C and F / 230V


Yerevan is located in the center of Armenia, on the Hradzan River, 23 kilometers from the Turkish border.

Best Time to Visit Yerevan

The best time to see this ¨Pink City¨ is during spring and autumn, especially in May or between mid-September and mid-October. In July and August, hot and dry weather may be a bit tiresome for city tours. If you want to take photos of the beautiful city silhouette with Mount Ararat in the background, you should visit in June. You can look through our Cheap Yerevan Flights guide, which will help you decide on the best time.

Festivals in Yerevan

Yerevan impresses travelers with its small-scale but very energetic festival activities. You can find an exciting festival around the districts and villages almost all year. The most famous ones are recommended for tourists and culture explorers.

The name of Festival


Festival place

New Year in Yerevan

Dec. – Jan.

Yerevan City Center

Dolma Festival

20 May

Hnaberd vil., Ararat Region

Watermelon Festival

14 July

Swan Lake, Yerevan

Erevan Taraz Fest

4 August

Northern avenue, Yerevan

Beer Festival

18-19 August

Swan Lake, Yerevan

Rural Life and Traditions Festival

15 September

English Park, Yerevan

Tea and Coffee Festival

28 - 29 September

Swan Lake, Yerevan

Transportation in Yerevan

Transportation in Yerevan is easy and cheap. Metro, trolley, taxi, car rental, and buses make up the variety of transport.

Metro, Trolley, and Marshrutka

Yerevan has a local metro (tube) line built during Soviet times. Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Metro line, called in the official form, covers a 13 km J-shaped route with 10 stops. There is also a trolley in the capital. In Yerevan, the trolleybus system has been active since 1949. Trolleys work systematically on a specific route to districts where Soviet-type apartments and houses were densely constructed. Another popular transport type in Yerevan is marshrutka. The Armenian minibus travels faster and more frequently than buses and trolleys. Marshrutkas travel in many directions among all districts of the city. If you like hop-on-hop-off style traveling, you can take a marshrutka to see less familiar parts of Yerevan.

Airport Transfer

After you land at Zvartnots International Airport, you can take Airport Express to get to Yerevan. Airport Express or Elite Bus in the official form departs every half an hour, and the journey lasts about 30-40 minutes. You can get off the bus at Yeritasardakan metro station.

A taxi will become the second alternative if you hurry or land at Zvartnots Airport before 7:00 a.m.

Rent a Car

Car rentals have become a popular transfer alternative, especially for solo travelers and explorers. Car rental is also available in Yerevan. If you travel to different regions in the country and come back to Yerevan for your flight, you can save time by renting a car. It would help if you remembered that a valid driving license in Armenia is needed for rental services. You can check the best car rental offers before you fly to Yerevan.

Places to Visit in Yerevan

Yerevan's historical and cultural zone is mainly in the Kentron district, around Republic Square and Opera Square (a combination of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Swan Park, and Freedom Square). These two large squares are connected with North Avenue. The city, reshaped in a neoclassical style by Alexander Tamanyan, offers sightseeing on foot. Museums, statues, the oldest fortress, and architecture reflect the Ottoman, Persian and Soviet eras. If you need a spots-to-see list, you can follow ours below:

  • Erebuni Fortress: The oldest building in Yerevan is the Erebuni Fortress, constructed by King Argishti in 782 BC. The ruins are open to visitors in the so-called district of the capital.
  • Katoghike Tsiranavor Church of Avan: Being constructed in the 6th century, it stands as the oldest church in the city.
  • Aram Khachaturyan House Museum: The national composer's house is open to visitors.
  • Howhannes Tumanyan Museum: The national poet's house with his work and life story
  • Blue Mosque: the 18th century Shia Islamic Mosque welcomes Muslim remembrance.
  • Yerevan History Museum: You can trace the history from the Paleolithic times to Pre-Soviet history and modern civilizations.
  • Mirzoyan Library: This library cafe offers reading and library search with the accompaniment of a hot drink and sweet cakes.
  • Singing Fountains on the Republic Square: Every day between 21:00-22:00, dance and music accompany the flow of giant fountains.
  • Ararat Cognac Factory: You can follow up on how the local brewery is done, factory tour, and taste sessions.
  • Woodwork Museum: You can see different artwork and furniture made of wood by modern artists.

Accommodation in Yerevan

Yerevan offers its visitors cost-effective accommodation alternatives. You can find well-equipped and comfortable hotels in the Kentron district, the heart of the capital. If you want to feel the day and night rhythm of the capital, you can choose a hotel within a 2 km circle around the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre and Howhannes Tumanyan Museum. Places close to Republic Square will be available for metro use. The search for cheap hotels in Yerevan is recommended.

Popular Food and Restaurants in Yerevan

Armenian cuisine is a mixture of Anatolian, Caucasus, and Asian tastes. Soup cooked with lamb, beef, or chicken meat is a popular appetizer in Armenia. You can try borscht soup, famous in the Black Sea and Eastern Europe. Khoravats is another sort of local recipe which includes vegetables, meat, and spices. Beef, chicken, and pork can be the main ingredient. Lavash is a specially baked flatbread that is served with meat and kebab. Lahmajoun is also available with Armenian flavors. You can taste tan, a sourish, salty yoghurt drink, as a popular local drink. In Turkey and Balkan countries, “ayran” is the well-known name for this refreshing cold drink. It is recommended to taste tan with kebab dishes. You can try our list of most recommended places to eat local food:

  • Tumanyan Khinkalı - on Tumanyan Street, nr. 21 is a fast snack bar where you can taste soups, soup dumplings, and Caucasus salads.
  • Master Class Kebab - on Tumanyan Street is a small local shop to taste beef kebabs in Armenian style.
  • Anteb Restaurant - on Koghbatsi Street, is a family-run cafe serving varieties of kebab, including Adana, Urfa, and Iskender. These Turkish-style kebabs are served with fresh hot drinks.
  • Charentsi 28 - located in a restored house, a 15-minute walk from the Opera House, is a mid-scale restaurant where you can taste varieties of Asian food. Indian, Thai, and Lebanese dishes are available in this place.
  • Tavern Yerevan - on Teryan Street, nr. 91 in Yeritasardakan is a huge restaurant serving a large variety of Armenian cuisine.

Souvenir Shopping in Yerevan

The best souvenir shopping locations in Yerevan are Vernissage Sa Su, close to Republic Square, and the Covered Market, on Khorenatsi Street. The market can be a nice place to check local food and agricultural products—several shopping malls for modern and luxury clothes, perfumes, and global brands. You can buy Armenian handicrafts, carpets, bags, and scarves as a souvenir. If you prefer beverages, fruit vodka and wine assortments are available. An Armenian whistle can be another exciting object to recall the memoir of your grand tour in Yerevan.

Nightlife in Yerevan

Yerevan is the right place if you would like to enjoy yourself with music, dancing, and some drinks. Most cafes and pubs are a short-walk distance to Republic Square and Opera Square. At night, karaoke pubs and nightclubs host tourists and local people for music and dance. The well-known pubs and clubs are on Moskovyan Street and Tumanyan Street. So, you can choose one and see Armenian-type night entertainment.

Emergency Numbers in Yerevan

If you need any emergency during your Yerevan trip, you can dial these numbers:

  • General emergency 112 or 911
  • Fire brigade 101
  • Police 102
  • Ambulance 103
  • Gas services 104

Important Questions about Yerevan

Are there any travel restrictions due to COVID?

As in many countries, Armenians try to make mobility and meetings safer by some rules. You are obliged to wear face masks in public spaces and on transport including bus, train and tram journeys. International flights require a negative PCR test result in a maximum of 72 hours before departure or health pass, including a minimum of two doses of accredited vaccination. For further information, check our "Where can I fly?" page.

Why is Yerevan called the Pink City?

The city owes its pink color to tufa stone extensively used in older buildings in the city.

Do I need an Armenian SIM card for my mobile in Yerevan?

In the capital, you can find free wifi access in many places like cafes, hotels, restaurants, and at the airport. If you need to make longer phone calls or use non-stop internet, you may prefer to buy an Armenian SIM card. It takes 5-10 minutes to buy and plug in your mobile. You can visit any GSM shop in malls and the Kentron district. The mobile operators, which are active in Yerevan, are as follows:

  • Armentel Beeline 91, 96, 99
  • Vivacell MTS 93, 94, 98, 77
  • Orange 55, 95
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