Welcome to the privilege-packed world of Pegasus Plus!

Pegasus Plus members earn FlightPoints as they fly and they fly as they earn!

Pegasus Plus

What is Pegasus Plus?

Register with Pegasus Plus with just your mobile phone number and earn FlightPoints as you fly, then fly even more as you earn more FlightPoints.
Calculating FlightPoints is also very easy.
Because, with Pegasus Plus 1 FlightPoints = 1 TL

Your mobile phone number is your membership number!There are no cards, user codes or member numbers. All you need to be a member is your mobile phone number!

No availability restrictions!Now you can fly with your FlightPoints without availability restrictions!

No more time limits!You can spend your FlightPoints with ease, choosing the flight you want at the time you want!

Pay airport tax with your FlightPoints too!

You can even pay airport taxes with FlightPoints! Don’t wait just for a free flight! If you wish, you can use your FlightPoints for ticket discounts or to purchase extra services!

Easy to earn FlightPoints!

It’s so easy for Pegasus Plus members to earn FlightPoints! What’s more, all kinds of special surprises and campaigns await Pegasus Plus members throughout the year! If you are a Pegasus Plus member, you can earn FlightPoints not just while flying, but also when choosing your seat, buying extra baggage privileges, making optioned-ticket reservations, ordering meals and even spending FlightPoints!

 How do I earn?

  • Earn 2% in FlightPoints at the conclusion of your flight!
  • Earn FlightPoints not only from your own flight, but also from the flights of passengers connected to you!
  • Also earn FlightPoints purchasing extra services!

 Spending them is also easy!

  • Spend your FlightPoints with easy!
  • Don’t just buy your ticket, use your FlightPoints on your seat, extra baggage, optioned-ticket or a meal!
  • Use your FlightPoints for the flight of your choice without availability restrictions!
  • Pay all taxes and charges with your FlightPoints!
  • Don’t wait just for free flights! If you wish, you can use your FlightPoints for ticket discounts or to purchase extra services!

 ...you earn all the way!



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