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You can find below key information that includes the historical origins of snowboarding, essential technical tips and guidelines to do snowboarding with the required terminology. Moreover, the most popular locations for snowboarding in Türkiye and all around the world are listed for you to discover. 

What is Snowboarding?

what is snowboarding

Snowboarding is a young sport that was invented in the USA and is one of the most popular winter sports all around the world as well as among the extreme sports today. A combination of balance and speed above the white snow, snowboarding is a sport that will make you feel the adrenaline in your veins. 

Historical Origins of Snowboarding

Modern snowboarding as we know it, begun in 1966 with a toy called snurfer made by Sherman Poppen, an engineer from Michigan USA. In the 70s snowboard got its modern shape and started to become popular around the world; and in 1998, snowboarding became a Winter Olympic sport. Today the popularity of snowboarding is still increasing around the world. Modern snowboarding as we know it, begun in 1960s with toy called snurfer made by Sherman Poppen, an engineer from Michigan USA.     

Technical Information on Snowboarding

Roots of snowboarding come from skiing, skateboarding, and surfing. The primary activity is to ride down from a hill covered with snow. The key of this sport is balance and speed and many different styles had been founded which include elegant moves. Snowboard is simply a skateboard without the wheels with some special touches in design for efficiency. Its size can vary but the most common size of the board is 1.5 meters long and 25 cm wide. It also has boots that are attached to it with bindings. It is easy to find winter sports centers and taste the adrenaline of snowboarding but, if you want to become a professional snowboarder you need good training and time.

How to do Snowboarding?

how to do snowboarding

The best way to learn snowboarding is to attend a course at any winter sports center or ski resort. But if you don't have a chance to go to these places any time soon then you can start with skateboarding or surfing and practice to learn how to balance yourself. Snowboarding needs good core strength and stability so you should also work on your body strength. Try to find your way of snowboarding and focus on the things you should learn to reach that style. Younger people are mostly better on learning the techniques but this sport has no age limit.

Snowboard Training

Snowboarding can be really challenging for your body if you are new to this sport. Balancing yourself and rotating your board as you like, requires some basic training. You need squats, jumping squats, lunge and jumping lunge to strengthen your legs. And practice on each leg with exercises. Doing plank and side plank will be good to strengthen your muscles equally.

Lacing the Boots

Lacing the boots can be hard for beginners. There are many different snowboard boots on the market now but there are basic things you need to do to be sure if the boots are comfortable.

First, loosen all the laces on the boot. Then put your foot in and your foot should slide easily into the boot with a minimal amount of resistance. Lace the inner boot and then the outer boot. Try it by walking and be sure that you are comfortable. 

How Long Does it Take to Learn Snowboarding?

There is no fixed time period to learn snowboarding. It is a sport that requires good balance and quick reaction time so it depends on the person. For the snowboard beginners, it would take approximately three to five days to learn the basics but there are so many things to learn and do in snowboarding. If you spend more time on it, you can learn to do more than a ride-down from a snowy hill.

Rules of Snowboarding

Like many other winter sports, snowboarding is also done mainly at a winter sports center or ski resort where many people are doing different kinds of sports activities. For your safety and the safety of the people around you, there are some important rules you should obey while snowboarding:

  • Respect others and be careful of your actions to not endanger anyone.
  • Know your ability and control your movements and speed according to that.
  • Choose the best route that you won't endanger other people ahead of you, so you can enjoy a good ride as well.
  • Always keep distance between you and the skiers/snowboarders on your left or right side to have enough space for the movements.
  • If you have to stop on the slope, choose the best spot so you won't cause any accidents.
  • Do not climb up or go down on the slope on foot, always be on the side of the piste if you are doing that.
  • Respect all the signs on and around the slope.

Snowboarding Terms

In time, snowboarders came up with moves and techniques that are accepted as styles now. Here are some of the styles of and snowboarding moves.


  • Jibbing: refers to jumping or sliding on a flat base rather than using the edges of the board.
  • Freeriding: means snowboarding off-piste on a natural surface without prescribed rules or regulations. It is a style commonly used in skiing as well. 
  • Freestyle: is a creative version which incorporates performance tricks to snowboarding. 
  • Alpine snowboarding: refers to the practice of snowboarding as a professional discipline. 
  • Slopestyle: also includes performance tricks over obstacles while sliding across rails or boxes. 
  • Big air: is a competition where snowboarders perform their shows incorporating jump tricks of different heights and distances. 
  • Half-pipe: is a contest where snowboarders perform within a half tube made out of snow. 
  • Boardercross: refers to a contest where riders descend through a course filled with obstacles similar to motocross tracks. 
  • Snowboard racing: has multiple turning gates along a downward hill which must be completed by snowboarders.


  • Straight airs: refers to a list of tricks such as springing off different parts of the board in the air. 
  • Grabs: refers to grabbing the snowboard in order to enable advanced flips.
  • Spins: are generally rotations performed at 180 degrees. 
  • Flips and inverted rotations: include an exhaustive list of flip variations such as back flip, front flip, crippler, wildcat or tamedog. 
  • Inverted hand plants: are the general term for the placement of the hand at different spots while riding.   
  • Slides: refer to a number of tricks performed along the obstacles such as sliding on the different kinds of surfaces. 
  • Stalls: are generally referred as different styles of stalling over an object such as halfpipes. 

Snowboarding Equipment List: What Equipment is Needed for Snowboarding?

snowboarding equipment

Snowboarding requires some special equipment due to the environment of the sport and for safety. Some equipment is important to have a comfortable practice on a snowboard. The first thing you need is a snowboard but it is not enough to do snowboarding without the rest of the equipment.


If you are a beginner, you should ask to the places that are renting snowboarding equipment for the best snowboard for your level. Features of the snowboard are important to have a good experience. To have an easy ride, snowboards that are shorter in width are good. Pick the boards that come to your chin when you hold it vertically. Be careful about the flexibility of the board. Flexible boards are easier to control and will be more fun to ride. 

Good snowboard care will give longer usage. When you get your snowboard you will probably like to hang it in your home for better care. For that, you can check snowboard wall mounts to find the best one that suits your style. Snowboard bindings come with the board and can be found in ski resorts. These fasten your boots to the board. 

There are different types of snowboard depending on the style you want to practice. You can find the popular snowboards in ski resorts. 

Snowboard Clothing

Things you wear for snowboarding are important for your safety and will give a better experience according to their quality. Like the clothes you wear in the winter season, snowboard clothing is essential to protect you from cold weather. Also, there are backpacks to carry snowboard and clothing on your trips easily. Many of these equipment can be rented from the ski resorts.

  • Snowboard Boots: Snowboard boots connect you to the board through the bindings. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your boots. There is also snowboard welding chain that makes walking on snow easier. 
  • Snowboard Helmet: Snow might look like a soft surface but falling on to it is very dangerous especially when snowboarding. The helmet is essential protection for this sport. 
  • Snowboard Suit: A snowboard suit consists of a jacket and pants. The beauty of getting a suit is that you have options in the desired pattern and colors. Most of the snowboard suits are design to protect your neck but you can also check snowboard scarf for better protection. If you are sensitive to cold but want to do snowboarding you can find electric snowboard equipment with a heating feature from goggles to socks.
  • Snowboard Jacket: Snowboarding coat should have a windproof and waterproof to protect you from cold weather. It should also be breathable to keep you warm while taking the sweat out.
  • Snowboard Pants: Snowboard pants should have the same features as the jacket.
  • Snowboard Goggles: Snowboard goggles will protect your eyes from wind and snow while you are snowboarding.
  • Snowboard Bag/Backpack: You can use a bag to carry the things you need if you want to have a long snowboarding day on the slope.
  • Snowboard Gloves: Gloves will protect your hands from cold.
  • Snowboard Carrying Backpack: If you have your own snowboard and other equipments, snowboard carrying backpack will make it easy to carry them.
  • Snowboard Mask: Snowboard mask is the best way to protect your face and eyes from cold wind and snow. There are mask types consist of goggles and hard face protection but you can also find a comfortable snowboard face mask to protect your face.

If you are going to travel with your snowboarding equipment we recommend you to check this link.

When is the Best Time for Snowboarding?

when is the best time for snowboarding

Snowboarding is a winter sport and winter is the best season to do it. You can find a good amount of snow which makes it easier to glide. Even though the time to do winter sports can vary depending on the location, from November to late April is the best time to do this sport. You should always check the snowfall conditions the place you want to go to, so you can catch the best snowy surface. In some places around Europe, you can also find indoor winter sports centers. You can go to these places at any time of the year.

Best Places for Snowboarding in Türkiye 

Türkiye is a country where you can find amazing spots to snowboard. Türkiye has high mountains from east to west and winter sports are very popular. Skiers from around the world are visiting the exclusive ski resorts in Türkiye every year. Kartepe, Erciyes, Uludağ, and Palandöken are some of the most famous ski resorts of Türkiye and the world. A great snowboarding experience is waiting for you in Türkiye.


Kartepe is located on the high and snowy mountains between İzmit and Adapazarı. It is in the South-East of İstanbul and stands 100 kms away from the city. This fairly new ski resort has chairlift and a short piste. The place is suitable for beginners and intermediates and has an active ski school. You can also find good quality snowboard equipment in İstanbul and meet the İstanbul snowboard community before you go there. Kartepe is a good start for snowboarding experience in Türkiye. You can get your İstanbul flight ticket to enjoy a joyful holiday in Kartepe with an amazing snowboard experience.


Uludağ is the highest mountain on the west of Anatolia. It is located 36 km south of Bursa and there are various transportation options to the mountain. Uludağ ski center is one of the best and oldest in Türkiye. There are twenty-seven hotels and many ski schools that are welcoming snowboarders from around the world every year. There are options for snowboard for kids as well. You can visit Uludağ by coming to İstanbul and taking a short ferry or a car trip. Get your İstanbul flight ticket with the best deals so that you can enjoy the excitement of snowboarding in Uludağ. Don't miss this adrenaline-filled Bursa snowboarding experience.


Erciyes ski resort is located on the great mountain of Kayseri. It is only 40 minutes away from the city center and snowboarding in Kayseri is pretty popular and entertaining. You can find one of the best snowy surfaces to snowboard on Erciyes which allows even to do snowkiting. It has many ski schools and the piste is good for professional snowboarding. You will have one of the best snowboard experiences in Erciyes. The delicious foods of Kayseri will also be waiting for you. Kayseri flight ticket is the only thing left for an amazing Kayseri snowboarding experience on Erciyes Mountain.


The best winter sports center in the east of Türkiye is Palandöken. It is located 4 km away from Erzurum city center and there are transportations from the airport and from the city center to Palandoken. One of the oldest snowboarding locations in Türkiye, Palandöken also offers you a long snowboard experience. This place has an opportunity for 5 months from November to April to do skiing or snowboarding. Palandöken snowboarding is offering an amazing experience for snowboard lovers. Erzurum flight ticket is available with the best prices for you to have a seasonal winter sports holiday.

Best Skateboarding Destinations in the World

There are many places in the world where you can have great skateboarding experiences and meet with skateboards from around the world. Here is a list of some of the best places.

Avoriaz- Lyon- France

Avoriaz is located above the ancient town of Morzine which is close to Lyon. Resort in Avoriaz has a transportation option and has good ground for the beginner to intermediate snowboarders. Avoriaz is the home of snowboarding in the Alps thanks to the terrain park and a pipe. We recommend Avoriaz especially to snowboarders. You can see Lyon, the beautiful city of France and enjoy snowboarding after a short car trip. Get your Lyon flight ticket and check out Avoriaz for professional snowboarding opportunities.

Livigno- Milan- Italy 

High up in the Italian Alps, Livigno is a great destination for snowboarders of all levels. Thanks to its high altitude, Livigno is offering good snow and slopes from the end of November to the start of May. Award winning resort Livigno is also good for shopping if you want to check snowboards. Don’t miss the chance to see the second biggest city of Italy and have a great snowboarding experience in Livigno. Pegasus Airlines offers flights to Milan with good service for your holiday.

Vinterpark- Oslo- Norway

Oslo Vinterpark is the biggest winter sports center in Oslo and is only 40 minutes from the city center. The piste of Vinterpark is offering many different runs and falls for snowboarders and the area has chairlifts. Vinterpark is suitable for any level of snowboarding and there are many ski schools where you can start learning snowboarding. As you know Norway is a cold country and Oslo Vinterpark has a good snowy surface from early December to April. Convenient access from the city center with the subway is another reason to prefer snowboarding in Vinterpark. This beautiful winter destination with convenient transportation from Oslo has the best offer among many winter sports center and it may be the best place to learn snowboarding. Oslo flight tickets are available for a vacation full of snowboarding excitement. 

Zugspitze- Munich- Germany

Alp Mountains of Germany Garmisch and Partenkirchen link to make Garmisch-Partenkirchen and has over 70 km of piste. It is good for beginner to intermediate level snowboarders. Transportation to the resort is good. It is located south of Munich in a town which is lively and has plenty to do if you fancy a day off the snow. Your Munich flight ticket is ready, don’t miss the chance to go snowboarding in Germany.

Bjelašnica- Sarajevo- Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bjelašnica is one of the highest mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and you can find snow on the mountain for 200 days of the year. The season opens in early November and lasts until April. There are two chairlifts, pistes with 20 km length in total and many hotels, and apartments for rent. Bjelašnica is located in the southwest of Sarajevo and half an hour away from the city. Winter Olympics 84 was held in here and since then this place welcoming snowboarders from all around the world. The area has one of the best air conditions as well. Get your Sarajevo flight ticket and go on an adventurous holiday.

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