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Dagestan is a part of Russia located around the area of the Northern Caucasus that is next to the Sea of Caspian or the Caspian Sea. The climate is often warm and moist generally. However, the climate can be harsh in the rural areas that are mountainous terrain.

Dagestan travel guide

This country reflects many cultural motifs about the Caucasus people. Also, the country is a mixture of Russian, Islamic, and Caucasus cultures. If you are planning to visit Dagestan, you can benefit from economical price offers by Pegasus Airlines for direct flights from Istanbul to Dagestan.

General Information About Dagestan

Continent: Europe
Capital of Dagestan: Makhachkala
Country Code: RU-DA
Language: Russian, Avar, Chechnian, Azeri Turkish
The difference between GMT: GMT+3
Telephone Code: +7
Surface area: 50,300 km²
Currency: Ruble


Where Is Dagestan?

Dagestan, an autonomous state-administered with the Republic as a part of the Federation of Russian is right next to the inner sea called the Caspian Sea. The country in the northern part of the Caucasus region is also neighbours to Georgia, Chechnya, and Kalmykia.

When to Go to Dagestan?

In general, the climate you will experience all across the country called Dagestan is not that hot but called "mild" weather. However, the mountains can be snowy. So Dagestan is suitable for a visit during the spring or in the hot months of summer. From the middle of May to the month September can be the best time to go and travel here. Visitors can swim in the Caspian Sea and enjoy the warm Caucasus sun during their trip.

Festivals in Dagestan

festivals in Dagestan

The Mountain Tea Festival is one of the most recognizable festivals in Dagestan organized in August.

How to Go to Dagestan?

Your option to travel to the country can be a no-stop flight which is commonly referred to as the direct flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW) to Makhachkala Uytash Airport (MCX). If you want to visit other cities in Dagestan, you can take the busses from Makhachkala to other cities. Also, there is a train line between Moscow and Makhachkala.

Transportation in Dagestan

Since the country has mountainous areas, transportation in the country can be challenging. As no train lines are connecting the different cities in the country, the transportation is mostly done by buses or private cars. You can also use taxis. There are trolleys in certain cities including Derbend and Makhachkala.

How to Get from Uytash Airport to Makhachkala City Centre?

After your direct flights from Istanbul to Makhachkala, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach the Makhachkala city centre. If you want to wander around the other settlement areas in Dagestan, your initial destination can be the city centre, Makhachkala. Then, you can take city buses to visit other cities in the country.

Places to Visit in Dagestan

Dagestan has a rich cultural and historical heritage as well as a unique and adorable nature. Your eyes will feast with the fantastic beauties in nature, and you will get more information about these natural beauties. In Dagestan, your options to spend your time are provided as a list:

Naryn-Kala Architectural Complex

This architectural complex consists of a tower and surrounding buildings. This grandiose structure was a shelter for the individuals beliving in both Christianism and Islam for a long time which means centuries. If you are interested in history and historical places to learn the culture and historical background of the county, a complex consisting of architectural structures can be one of the must-see things in Dagestan.

Yusuf Bey Mosque

Dagestan Grand Mosque

Yusuf Bey Mosque is one of the most valuable historical places in Dagestan. Inspired from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, this Mosque reflects all the glory of Islamic culture. Also, the mosque and the Islamic complex around it are very dignified for the local people. You can both visit the Yusuf Bey mosque and say prayers in it.

Gorodskoy Beach

Since Dagestan is located near the Caspian Sea, beaches play a huge role in the daily life of the people living here. When you are in Makhachkala, you can visit the most popular Gorodskoy Beach to swim.


Derbent is another important city in the Republic of Dagestan. This city is also located at the Caspian Sea coastline. Here, you can see the famous Dzhuma Mosque. The mosque represents one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in the Caucasus region.

Gunibskaya Fortress

This fortress is located in Gunib city. Gunibskaya was previously used as a military fortress. The walls and the main structure are still intact and visible today. You can also enjoy the view and the landscape.

Monument of Rasul Gamzatov

The monument of the well-known Avar poet Rasul Gamzatov is one of the main attractions in Dagestan. The statue is in Makhachkala city centre. After visiting this monument, you can go out to taste some of the traditional foods of Dagestan in a nearby restaurant. Also, you can visit Dagestan Fine Arts Museum and Avar Music and Drama Theatre, a few minutes away.

Where to Stay in Dagestan?

where to stay in Dagestan

There are different accommodation options in Dagestan for every budget. The hotels near the Caspian Sea are summer resorts with SPA and other facilities. There are also 4-star and 3-star hotels in the country. Although it might be a bit hard to find accommodation in the rural region, guesthouses can save the day for you.


What to Eat in Dagestan?

what to eat in Dagestan

The cuisine of Dagestan is influenced by Russian, Islamic, and Caucasus culture. For this reason, it is possible to find lots of meat dishes and different pastries in this country. Some of the food you can taste are:

  • Borscht
  • Shchi
  • Shashlık
  • Smetana
  • Pelmeni

Nightlife in Dagestan

Dagestan does not have a vibrant nightlife. There are few clubs and bars in Makhachkala. But the nightlife in the other cities of Dagestan is not that lively.

What to Buy from Dagestan?

what to buy in Dagestan

Dagestan is a Caucasus country, and it is famous for its colourful scarves. You can buy one of these scarves as a gift. Also, you can find the best quality Russian vodka in the country, as well. Matryoshka dolls are another option to buy as a souvenir from Dagestan.

Dagestan Visa

Dagestan permits the citizens of Turkey to spend a maximum of 90 days in the country without any requirement to get a visa where a visa is necessary for longer stays. Generally, the Dagestan visa application process is relatively easy.

Things to Know Before Visiting Dagestan

  • Some cities located in Dagestan can be considered dangerous which is why it is best to stay at city centres and not to visit the rural areas without a proper guide.
  • The weather in the country can easily change therefore you need to bring an extra set of clothes to keep yourself warm.

Essential Numbers

Phone Code +7

Police 102

Ambulance 103

General emergency 112


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