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Azerbaijan entered the Soviet rule a few years after the declaration of independence on May 28, 1918. On October 18, 1991, Azerbaijan regained its independence. With the discovery of oil at the beginning of the 20th century, changes began in the face of the city. Azerbaijan, the shining star of the Caucasus, is the perfect place to travel with its historical richness, cultural diversity, delicious food, untouched nature, reasonable prices and helpful people.

Azerbaijan travel guide

General Information

Continent: Asia
Capital of Azerbaijan: Baku
Area: 86,600 km²
Country Code: AZE
Language: Azerbaijani and Russian
The difference between GMT: GMT+4
Telephone Code: +994
Domain Extension: .az
Currency: Azerbaijani manat
Socket Type: C, F 230 V

The Capital of Azerbaijan

As a port city, Baku is one of the most important industrial, cultural, commercial and political cities in the Caucasus.

Azerbaijan Currency

The official currency of the country is Azerbaijani manat (AZN).

Official Language

The native language of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani. The most spoken language after Azerbaijan is Russian.

Common Phrases:

Hello: Salam

Yes/No: He/Yox

Thank you: Sag ol

Good morning: Sabahınız xeyir

Good evening: Axşamınız xeyir

Where's the toilet/bathroom?: Tualet haradadır?

I don't know: Bilmirəm

Excuse me/Sorry: Bağışlayın

Please: Zəhmət olmasa


Azerbaijan is located in the Caucasus region, which connects West Asia and Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan borders the Caspian Sea on the east coast, Russia in the North, Georgia in the Northwest, Armenia in the West and Iran in the South.


The form of government in Azerbaijan is parliamentary. The separation of powers is applied in Azerbaijan, which gained its independence in 1991.


As of 2019, the population of Azerbaijan is 10,241,273.

Local Time

Azerbaijan is located in the (GMT+4) time zone.

Nature in Azerbaijan

Most area of Azerbaijan is covered with gray and saline soils. Steppe, specific herbs and semi-desert plants grow in Kura-Aras Plain. Chestnut colored soils are predominant in high sections. The gulley network between the Kura and Aras rivers enables irrigation of the plains.

Climate of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has a mild climate. However, it is faced with a harsh climate in the interior and high sections. In high sections, winters are long, cold, snowy and summers are cool. In the lower central and eastern parts of Azerbaijan, a semi-arid subtropical climate prevails.

Economy and Livelihood

Azerbaijan is very important in terms of fertile agricultural lands, natural gas, oil and iron ore resources.

Travel to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is accessible by rail, road and air. The distance between Baku and Istanbul is 2230 kilometers. This distance will take approximately 1 day and 4 hours by car. If you plan to travel by plane, you may complete a journey of 1760 kilometers in approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. You can use Heydar Aliyev International Airport for Baku flights.

Transportation in Azerbaijan

Bus and Minibus A ticket to use bus and minibus is approximately 0.20 AZN. You can reach every point in the city with these vehicles. City Subway System The city subway system is quite handy. One ticket is approximately 0.15 AZN. Apart from walking, the cheapest way to go somewhere in Baku is the metro system. The Baku Metropoliten Card is also available with a 2 AZN deposit. Once you have acquired these cards, you will save time by installing and using money. Taxi Taxi fare is 0.70 AZN per kilometer and any journey costs 4-10 AZN in the city center.

Transportation to Azerbaijan Airports

You can use airport shuttles and taxis to reach the airport from the city center. You can also prefer car rental services.


Places to Visit in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, which is adjacent to the Caspian Sea, has numerous attractions, natural areas and historical buildings to visit. Here are some of Azerbaijan's popular cities.


Baku travel guide

Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and the largest city in the Caucasus, has a population of over 2 million. The old city, the City of Inside and the Soviet period regions are the main areas to visit in Baku. Maiden's Tower (Giz Qalası), Shirvan Shah Palace, State Art Museum, Russian Church, Flame Towers, Nizami Azerbaijan Literature Museum, Carpet Museum, Rostropovich Museum, Baku Philharmonic Building, TV Tower, Tagiyev Historical Museum, Baku Boulevard and Pool Square are the best places to see.

Gence (Ganja)

Ganja, which is one of the oldest cities in the Caucasus, has maintained its existence since the fifth century. There are many places you can visit in Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan. Shah Abbas Caravanserai, Juma Mosque, Khan Bagh, Armenian Church, Russian Orthodox Church and Caucasian Albanian Church are some of them. The distance between Baku and Ganja is 360 km. You can reach Ganja from the capital in 5 hours by car, 6.5 hours by train or 7 hours by bus.

Sheki (Şəki)

This city which was named as Nuxa until 1968 stands out among the oldest and touristic regions of the country. This impressive city, which welcomes many foreign tourists every year, fascinates with its cultural and historical texture. Sheki to Baku is approximately 300 km. You can travel between the two cities by train, bus or car.

Qobustan (Gobustan)

Gobustan, one of the most important historical places of the country, has ancient caves, ruins, mud volcanoes and grizu rock formations. Gobustan National Park has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the abundance and quality of ancient rock carvings. Rock carvings and paintings in Gobustan provide important information about prehistoric life, hunting, animals and vegetation. Gobustan, located 68 kilometers west of the capital Baku, can be reached by car, bus or train in about 1 hour.


Khacmaz, an Azerbaijani city located 10 kilometers from the Caspian Sea, is 157 kilometers from the capital Baku. The city is believed to have been named after Khachmataki, a tribe from the Hun Empire.

Where to Stay in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan offers a wide range of accommodation options. Especially in the capital Baku, there are many hostels, butique hotels and modern otels. It is also possible to choose 5-star city hotels in both Baku and other major cities. On the other hand, tent accommodation is often preferred in rural areas.


What to Eat in Azerbaijan?

Meat, vegetables and pastry dishes make form the basis of nutrition cultures in Azerbaijan. There is more than 100 kinds of rice made with different recipes in Azerbaijani cuisine, where soup and rice are consumed with great pleasure.


Azerbaijan Cuisine

  • Dushbara
  • Dolma
  • Qoğal
  • Qutab
  • Badambura
  • Piti
  • Pakhlava

Azerbaijan Restaurants

  • Flavors Fusion Cuisine (Baku)
  • Sumakh (Baku)
  • Nakhchivan (Baku)
  • Sky Grill and 360 Bar (Baku)
  • Sehirli Tendir (Baku)

Shopping in Azerbaijan: Best Souvenirs to Buy

There are many shops and shopping centers where you can buy unique souvenirs in Baku. You can buy local hand-woven miniature carpets, antique cutlery, traditional plates, wedding goblets, colorful embroidered traditional clothes as gifts from the antique shops established around the Maiden's Tower.

Flavor enthusiasts may visit the spice bazaar known as Teze Bazar. In Teze Bazar, you can find various spices, cookies and candies intrinsic to Azerbaijan as well as Mersin Caviar produced only in Azerbaijan. If you want a more special and original gift, you can buy Azerbaijani vodka, wine or other local beverages with designer bottles from boutique shops in Baku.

Nightlife in Azerbaijan

The nightlife of Azerbaijan centers in the night clubs around Baku. Especially the Fountain Square is one of the most lively locations of nightlife. Bars have an important place in Baku. You can seat with your friends and have a beer in these bars where plenty of live music events take place. Later in the night, you can visit the city's most modern nightclubs and enjoy yourself.

Things to Know Before Visiting Azerbaijan

Do not forget to try all the flavors of Azerbaijani cuisine, one of the richest cuisines in the world. Especially try the colorful caviar. Taximeter is generally not available in Azerbaijan. Therefore, do not forget to negotiate before taking a taxi.

Holidays in Azerbaijan

  • New Year (January 1)
  • Martyrs’ Memorial Day (January 20)
  • International Women's Day (March 8)
  • Nowruz (March 20-21)
  • Armed Forces Day (October 9)
  • National Development Day (October 18)
  • National Awakening Day (November 17)
  • International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis (December 31)

Festivals in Azerbaijan

  • Baku International Jazz Festival (October)
  • Festival Of Colours (June 15)
  • Mugham World International Festival (Shaki)
  • Goychay Pomegranate Festival (Goychay)
  • Baku International Jazz Festival
  • “Silk Road” Music Festival (June-July, Shaki)

Visa Requirements

Thanks to the Electronic Visa Portal of the Republic of Azerbaijan, visas can be easily obtained via e-mail. You may benefit from standard or emergency applications and have an E-Visa within 3 hours. Apart from E-Visa procedures, it is possible to get a visa at the airport.

You can learn the details of the Azerbaijanvisa application process from the "Azerbaijan Visa Guide" article.

FAQ About Azerbaijan

What are the emergency numbers in Azerbaijan?

Emergency, Ambulance, Police and Fire Department: 112

Is there a Turkish representative in Azerbaijan? Where?

Yes, there is a Turkish representative in Baku. Address: Samed Vurgun str. 134. Baku 1000. Number: Embassy: (+994) 12 444 73 20/21 Fax: Embassy: (+994) 12 444 73 55 E-mail: Website:

Is it difficult to speak Azerbaijani?

Azerbaijani and Turkish is extremely similar, so if you know a little Turkish or you've traveled to Turkey, reading and speech can be more easy than Russian.

How to access the Internet in Azerbaijan?

Wi-Fi works quite well in Baku. It is possible to achieve Wi-Fi access in places such as otel, pension, cafe, restaurant and airport. Outside the big cities, 4G Internet packages are also available.

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