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Istanbul - Lviv Flight Tickets

Located on Ukraine’s western front, by purchasing an Istanbul-Lviv flight ticket from Pegasus you can land within two hours. There is just a single airport in the city and it is named Danylo Halytskyi International Airport. Due to this being a route with regular flights, Lviv flight tickets are extremely reasonable and with the early reservation advantage, the price goes way down.

Transportation in Lviv takes place in a nostalgic atmosphere; with buses, trolleybuses and tramways, each method of transportation has their own very retro appearance. The yellow minibuses that operate in certain areas of the city are referred to as “Avtobusy”, while the buses are called “Mashrutka”. Due to the city and all of its sites being located within walking distance, travelers in general do not tend to use the public transportation in this city that often.

The airport is six kilometers’ distance from the airport. Once your Lviv flight has landed, you can reach the city center by shuttle, bus or taxi. If taking a taxi is your choice of preference then don’t forget to bargain down the price.

Shopping in Lviv

Even though the city draws its visitors in more so with its historical and cultural foundation, the world of shopping in Lviv is quite advanced. Not only are there shops selling local products and historical objects, where you can buy chic Lviv souvenirs, if you like, you can also tour the city’s shopping centers.

There are many places to see in Lviv, therefore the best thing to do is to make a list and add the following five places to the top of that list:

Pravda B Gallery

Clothes, jewelry and music-related objects... Due to its central location, the constantly full Pravda B Gallery is where you can find modern handcraft pieces from the region. This should be your first stop for buying gifts in Lviv.

Address: Virmenska Street, 30

Lviv Candles Manufactory

Decked out with stunning handmade candles, each more beautiful than the next, this venue also allows for its customers to have a sip of a hot tea or coffee on their terrace.

Address: pl. Muzeyna, 1

Kolektsiya Jewellery Boutique

Kolektsiya is where you can find the most outstanding jewelry designs and come across not only worldwide famous brands, but also handmade Ukrainian pieces. Keep your wallet close, as it’s easy to spend all of your vacation money in this spot alone.

Address: Shevchenko Ave, 15

King Cross Leopolis

Although located slightly outside of the city center, you can reach King Cross Leopolis by taxi in just 15 minutes. In addition, its shopping center, accessible by public transport, also has branches of most brands and restaurants from all over the world.

Address: Sokilnyky, Stryiska Street, 30

Shopping Center Magnus

Built in 1912, this shopping center has been serving its customers consistently throughout the years. With a terrace overlooking a panoramic view of the old quarters, its restaurants and clothing shops from all over the world, Shopping Center Magnus is definitely one of the must-see spots in Lviv.
Address: Shpytalna, 1

Accommodation in Lviv

Accommodation in Lviv, which is said to host 200,000 visitors a day, is certainly not a problem. There are Lviv hotels catering to every budget and each go out of their way to offer all of the comforts to their guests. The competition works to travelers’ favor, however due to the city being in high demand, it is best to make a reservation prior to your arrival. In the summer months, it is near impossible to find space in the hotels in Lviv’s city center.

Ramada Lviv

What can we tell you that you don’t already know about the Ramada hotel, one of the world’s biggest hotel chains? The smiling and professional staff, impeccable service and meals presented to you even if you don’t make it in time, Ramada offers much more than you could expect from a three star hotel. It’s hard to leave the Ramada with a scowl on your face.

Address: Voda Village, A Yovarivska Street, 2A

Vintage Boutique Hotel

Famed for its culinary specialties the kitchen puts out, Vintage Boutique Hotel offers its customers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Due to its central location, you can easily access everywhere you want to go from your hotel.

Address: Serbska Street, 11

Hotel Nora Bene

Hotel Nora Bene is a hotel specially geared towards making its guests feel comfortable. With their menu written in multiple languages and their expert personnel, Hotel Nora Bene gets all the points from its customers and is also conveniently closely located to the train station.

Address: Polishchuka Street, 78A

George Hotel

Upholding the characteristic of being one of the first hotels in Lviv, George Hotel, gives its customers the politeness and nobility of old times. Due to its central location, the George Hotel is never empty during the holiday season and prices for accommodation are reasonably affordable.

Address: Mickiewicz, 1


Commanding immediate attention, with it majestic architecture, the Eurohotel is just a five-minute walk from the city center. The rooms are clean there is free wifi service and their restaurant offers up a delicious menu.
Address: Tershakovstiv Street, 6A

Food and Drink in Lviv

A former Polish town, the food and drinks culture in Lviv is unbelievably diverse due to its being a combination of a wide number of cuisines. The Lviv cuisine, created from a medley of German, Russian, Ukrainian, Turk and Hungarian cuisines, could entice anyone with a palate, regardless of whether or not you are actually hungry.  

Because Lviv is quite a touristic area, restaurants dish up predominantly western fare, however it is in the homes that traditional Lviv dishes are prepared. For example, they also share our technique of frying in oil, which they refer to as “Smajiyene”.

Baczewski Restaurant

This restaurant, which opened towards the end of the 1700s, is nearly impossible to snag a seat at without a prior reservation and all of the tables are constantly full. Standing out for its eye-catching ambiance, Baczewski especially specializes in Polish and East European cuisine.

Address: Shevska Street, 8

The First Grill Restaurant of Meat and Justice

If you are seeking a unique culinary experience, this is the restaurant you need to visit in Lviv. Even though it is set in a creepy environment of torture devices from the Middle Ages that adorn the wall, it does truly transport its customers back in time. Another specialty of this restaurant is that they prepare the best grills in town.  

Address: Valovaya Street, 20


Kumpel is a restaurant with a warm and cozy atmosphere where you can try dishes from Ukrainian cuisine at reasonable prices. Due to its central location, it is generally crowded, But if you do get the chance to snag a table, make sure to try their garlic soup.

Address: Volodymyra Vynnychenka, 6

Strudel Haus

Known for making the best strudel in town; strudel being the most famous dessert in the German culinary tradition, Strudel Haus also brews up the best coffees and teas for its guests. If you miss a cup of tea during your travels in Lviv, then you now know where to get your fix.

Address: Shevka Street, 6


Another restaurant that reeks of history, at Krjivka, the waiters dress up in military outfits. Inside, in addition to sampling East European specialties, there are also a number of interesting events you can take part in. For example, you can shoot crossfire with Putin or other Russian leaders.

Address: Rynok Square, 14

Country Code: +380

Ambulance: 103

Fire Department: 101

Police: 102

Airport: +380 3222 98112

Places to Visit in Lviv

The places to see in Lviv, which has a 750-year-old history primarily, consist of cultural buildings however, at the same time the city also has quite a vibrant nightlife. While touring the touristic spots in Lviv, you will come across distinguished examples of Soviet and European architecture.

Rynok Square

The square, which is where Lviv’s heart beats, is also in The Unesco World Heritage list. Fountains decked out in mythological designs beautify the Rynok Square, which also has a wide number of restaurants and museums.

Lviv Theater of Opera and Ballet

Considered one of the most magnificent opera houses in Europe, this building’s entrance is adorned with magnificent sculptures. Situated on Svobody Street, the architect who built the building Zygmunt Gorgolevski, was the recipient of the first place award in a competition, which allowed him to realize this project.

Lviv Armenian Cathedral

This cathedral, which was built by Armenians who settled in Lviv in the 14th century, has not lost any of its splendors, and on top of that, entrance is free.  

Address: Virmenska Street

Lychakiv Cemetery

It may be quite out of the ordinary to visit a cemetery during your holiday, however you absolutely must see the Lychakiv Cemetery, which just happens to be one of the most beautiful in Europe. This cemetery, which dates back to the 18th century, has its oldest grave dating back to 1675.

Dormition Cathedral

Built in the 13th century, this cathedral has lived through a number of fires and battles. However due to the impeccable restoration it has undergone, the building still stands today. First used as a Roman Catholic Church. This building was later transformed into a Greek Catholic Church.


One o the reasons this city happens to be so touristic is due to the fact that the nightlife in Lviv is quite famous. The nightclubs in Lviv are very popular and in the holiday season they get so packed you can’t even move.

Fashion Club

Located on a parallel street to Rynok Square and one of the city’s most central locations, Fashion Club is also a restaurant. The nightclub places high importance on their strict dress code, therefore make sure to grab your jacket with you when you go.

Address: Svoboda Street

Zanzibar Club

The two-story Zanzibar Club has an entire floor devoted to a hookah lounge. The upper level is a bar divided in two sections, which means there is lots of space to get your groove one.  

Address: Lypynskoho St, 36

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