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Istanbul - Zaphorizhia Flight Tickets

To get to Zaphorizhia, which lies along the banks of Dnieper River, you can arrive on a 2 hours and 10 minute flight by purchasing an Istanbul-Zaphorizhia flight ticket.  Your Zaporizhia flight lands at Zaporizhia International Airport, one of the city’s three airports, which also hosts the Motor Sich factory, a famous engine manufacturer for airplanes and helicopters worldwide.

Having become an important industrial center following the Russian Revolution, Zaporizhia has an extensive public transportation system. Trolleybuses, trams, buses and express buses called ‘’marshrutka” are used for Zaphorizhia transportation in town.

Due to its close proximity, you can find a Zaphorizhia plane ticket for very reasonable prices.


Shopping in Zaphorizhia

Since it is mainly an industrial town, Shopping in Zaphorizhia consists of small local businesses. There are a few big shopping malls in town but if you are looking for delightful souvenirs, head to Prospekt V.I. Lenina. Places to visit in Zaphorizhia for shopping are mostly centered in this area. 

Avrora Shopping Center

This shopping center boasts predominantly Italian brands and also has restaurants and a cinema.

Address: Lenina Ave, 83/85


Supermarkets, famous clothing shops, household items...  CityMall is where you can find everything you are looking for and also offers various activities for adults and children.

Address: Zaporozhskaya Street, 1B

Ukraina Shopping Center

With its multi-coridored structure that more resembles a historical arcade, Ukraina Shopping Center is the perfect place for those who want to go shopping or just window shop to check out the latest designs by famous fashion brands.  There is also a restaurant that bakes up delicious pizzas next to the shopping mall where you can take a satisfying timeout.

Address: Lenina Ave, 147

Art Gallery

If you are interested in the art scene in Zaphorizhia, Art Gallery is the right place for you. Here you can find popular works by contemporary artists as well as see more traditional art pieces.

Address: Stalevarov Street, 30

Accommodation in Zaporizhia

You have many different alternatives for accommodation in Zaporizhia, which is one of Ukraine’s main tourism centers. Zaphorizhia hotels offer the best conditions to their guests while there are also several hostels in town for travelers looking for budget options. For those who prefer a more secluded holiday, renting an apart villa may be the best option. When booking accommodation in Zaphorizhia , you should focus more on what you want to see and where.  There are so many places to visit in Zaphorizhia that if you have limited time, you may have to leave some of them out. In that case, make sure the place you are staying at is close to Zaphorizhia city center so you can easily access many of the sights to see.

Khortitsa Palace Hotel

Located within walking distance to the city center and due to its high quality and all it has to offer is well deserving of many more stars that it has garnered, Khortitsa Palace Hotel hosts its guests in the magical atmosphere of the Dnieper River. Breakfast is included in the price, pets are allowed and you can enjoy all of the services you would expect from a top-notch hotel.

Address: Schevchenko Boulevard, 71A

Teatralny Hotel

Located next to the train station, Teatralny Hotel stands out with its clean rooms and friendly personnel. If the sound of trains chugging by is a problem for you, then you maybe should not opt for this hotel. Don’t forget however, Teatralny Hotel dishes up the best food in the area.

Adress: Chekistov Street, 23

Slava Hotel

The personnel at Slava Hotel are polite and experts at their job, while the rooms are quite spacious and serene. Due to its location in the city center, guests have the comfort of easy access to getting around town. There is also a spa and free parking at the hotel.

Address: Pravdy Street, 19

Intourist Hotel Zaporozhye

Situated in the city center, Intourist Hotel Zaporozhye provides full service for seminars and training organizations. The crew is friendly, food is delicious and the rooms are quite clean. In addition to having free wi-fi service, there is also air conditioning in each room.

Address: Lenin Ave, 135

Zlata Praha

Free parking and fully equipped suites...Making every effort for the comfort of its guests, Zlata Praha has only five rooms and due to the reasonable prices, they are generally fully booked. If you are planning to stay here, you must book a room in advance.

Address: Pravdy Street, 61

Pectoral Hotel

Just a five-minute walk to the seaside, Pectoral Hotel is ideal for travelers looking for a budget option. The hotel personnel do not speak much English, so it may be a good idea to learn a few simple phrases in Russian if you are planning to stay here.

Address: Dom Otdyha Street, 33

Food and Drink in Zaphorizhia 

Zaphorizhia dining culture is quite diverse thanks to the touristic nature of the city. Meat and vegetable dishes from Ukrainian cuisine are joined by fish dishes that dominate Zaporizhia’s culinary tradition, making dining out an easy-going and enjoyable experience for travelers.

If you are seeking to try a truly Zaphorizhian favorite, we recommend their steamed vegetable lamb dish.

Villa Oliva

If you are in the mood for a tasty Mediterranean-style meat dish served with fresh salad, Villa Oliva is the place for you. With its amazing atmosphere and quick service, a meal at Villa Oliva is bound to become your most memorable dinner in the city.

Address: Pobedy Street, 37


O’Cacao! is one of the best cafe/restaurants in Zaporizhia. Specializing in cacao-based delights, this is a must-visit venue and with its English menu and English speaking-staff, it has become a regular haunt for travelers.

Address: Turgeneva Street, 27

Traktir U Kamina

Serving the most exquisite sampling of Ukrainian cuisine, Traktir U Kamina is always so full that the management had to set a time limit on occupying a table. You absolutely must not end your trip to Zaporizhia without visiting this restaurant where you can also get the chance to try Europe’s most tasty beverages.

Address: Gorkogo Street, 63 


Famous for its delicious pizzas, Rosmarine offers a rich menu of Italian cuisine, including a delicious selection of seafood dishes. The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere and the staff also speak English.

Address: Shevchenko Boulevard, 8


Sushi? Hamburgers? Steak? From American cuisine to Japanese, with its extensive menu and memorable delicacies, there is almost never an empty seat at Melrose.

Address: Sobornyi Ave, 147

Country Code: +380

Ambulance: 103

Fire Department: 101

Police: 102

Airport: +380 61 262 90 43

Turkish Embassy Kiev: +380 44 281 07 50

Places to visit in Zaphorizhia

Places to visit in Zaphorizhia can be divided into three categories: Industrial centers, historical places and the seaside. Touristic places in Zaphorizhia are mostly situated along the coast line and people generally like to spend most of their time in these areas. Industrial centers and historical sites however are scattered throughout the city.

Khortystsya Island

The biggest island in Dnieper River, Khortystsya Island is also known as the Castle of the Kazakhs. The Zaporizhia Kazakhs History Museum is located on this island, where you can see a variety of items on display relating to Kazakh history. A perfect destination for cyclists with its beautiful natural surroundings, back in the 16th century, the island was home to the Zaphorizhia Kazakhs, who are considered to be the roots of Ukrainian heritage.

Zaporijya Oak Tree

This famous oak tree on Khortystsya Island is approximately 700 years old.

Equestrian Theather

Located on Khortystsya Island, this is where you can watch shows demonstrating the Kazakhs’ famous horse riding skills. Visitors can also take part in various workshops on crafts such as pottery and blacksmithing on site.

Scythian Open Air Museum

Situated on the hills of Khortystsya Island, the Scythian Open Air Museum has artifacts and remnants spanning back to the Scythian culture on display. 

Faeton Retro Cars Museum

This museum displays both locally and internationally produced vehicles between the years 1930 and 1960. Car-lovers are guaranteed to lose all track of time when they visit.

Address: Vyborgska Street, 8 

Holy Protection Cathedral

This cathedral, which is one of the city’s iconic symbols, was originally built from wood and later reinforced with stone. This religious building was destroyed by the Bolsheviks and later restored in 2011.

Address: Lenina Street, 37

Dnieper Hydroelectric Plant

The construction of Dnieper Plant started in 1927 and it was once the biggest plant in the Soviet Union. This colossal building, whose construction was completed in 1939, looks especially impressive from the Zaphorizhia Kazakhs History Museum. 

Chaika Shipping Museum

Restored from the shipwreck’s remnants, a replica of the Kazakh ship Chaika, which sank in 1739, is on display at this museum.

Address: Ovoshevodcheskaya Street

Motor Sich Aviation Museum

This museum, where you can witness the progress in the development of airplane engines from the past to the present, is going to astound you.

Address: Kopenkina Street, 27


Zaphorizhia nightlife is always lively and if you know where to go, the night never ends. 


With a dance floor and ceiling the size of a cinema, this is the perfect place to shake it all out under impressive light shows.  The venue is named after the millennium, the same year this nightclub was opened.

Address: Sovetskiy Avenue, 15


Located on the ground floor of Intourist Hotel, this nightclub, with its stylish atmosphere and comfy couches, offers you a fun filled night.

Address: Lenina Avenue, 135

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