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Podgorica Travel Guide

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Podgorica, the vibrant capital city of Montenegro is nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Podgorica is waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a history enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or a food lover, Podgorica has something for everyone which you can enjoy numerous activities from exploring ancient ruins to hiking in picturesque national parks, indulging in delicious local cuisine to immersing yourself in the lively local culture. This Podgorica Travel Guide will be your perfect companion in unraveling the secrets and wonders of the capital of Montenegro. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey and let Podgorica captivate your senses with its beauty and charm!

General Information

Continent: Europe

Country: Montenegro

Country Code: ME

Official Language: Montenegrin

Area: Approximately 1,500 square kilometres

Time Difference with GMT: GMT+2 (Central European Time)

Telephone Code: +382

Domain Extension: .me

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Where is Podgorica?

Podgorica is situated in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, specifically in the southeastern region of Europe. Nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Montenegro, Podgorica is the capital and largest city of the country. It finds its place within a valley surrounded by scenic mountains and fertile plains. The city is located at the confluence of the Ribnica and Morača rivers. With its central position in Montenegro, Podgorica serves as a significant hub for transportation and commerce, connecting various regions within the country and serving as a gateway to the stunning Adriatic coastline. Its geographical location offers a blend of beautiful natural surroundings, rich cultural heritage, and easy access to explore the wonders of Montenegro.

Neighbouring Cities

Nikšić, Montenegro - 57 km.

Bar, Montenegro - 40 km

Shkodër, Albania - 89 km

Peja (Peć), Kosovo - 150 km

Novi Pazar, Serbia - 178 km

How to Get to Podgorica?

Pegasus Airlines offers direct flights between İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Podgorica Airport which you can take advantage of cheap flights to Podgorica. When it comes to flying to Podgorica, you'll be pleased to know that Pegasus Airlines offer convenient routes to this enchanting city. Depending on your location and preferences, you can choose from a range of flight options either directly from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport or by taking a connecting flight. 

Transportation to/from Podgorica Airport to City Centre

To reach Podgorica Airport from the city centre, you have several convenient options. One popular choice is to take a taxi, which can be easily hailed or arranged through a local taxi service. The journey typically takes around 15 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. Another efficient way is to use the public transportation system. You can catch a bus from various bus stops in the city centre that specifically serve the airport route. The buses are well-marked and provide a budget-friendly option for travellers. The ride usually takes around 30 minutes, considering traffic and stops along the way. Additionally, if you prefer a more personalized and flexible experience, you can go for a private car service or rent a car. Whichever mode of transportation you choose, reaching Podgorica Airport from the city centre is a relatively straightforward and hassle-free journey.

Transportation in the City

Podgorica offers a reliable and efficient local transportation system to navigate the city with ease.

  • The primary mode of public transportation is the bus network, which covers various routes across the city and its surrounding areas.
  • The buses are recognizable by their distinctive blue colour and offer an affordable way to travel. The schedules are generally frequent, ensuring minimal waiting times.
  • For those preferring a more eco-friendly option, there is a growing network of bicycle lanes and bike-sharing services available, allowing residents and visitors to pedal around the city at their own pace. Additionally, taxis are readily available throughout Podgorica.

It's important to note that the city centre is relatively compact, making it feasible to explore many attractions on foot. So, you may prefer walking as well. Overall, Podgorica offers a range of transportation options, catering to various preferences and ensuring convenient and enjoyable journeys for both locals and visitors alike.

Places to Visit in Podgorica

Podgorica has something to see and visit for different tastes which you can find a short list below:

  • Millennium Bridge: A famous landmark, this modern bridge spans the Morača River and offers stunning views of the city.
  • Old Town (Stara Varoš): Explore the historic heart of Podgorica, with its charming streets, traditional architecture, and vibrant cafes.
  • Clock Tower (Sahat Kula): Located in the Old Town, this clock tower dates back to the Ottoman era and provides a panoramic view of the city.
  • Gorica Hill: A popular recreational area, Gorica Hill is perfect for a leisurely walk, offering beautiful green spaces, a lake, and scenic viewpoints.
  • Ribnica Fortress: Visit this medieval fortress situated on a hill overlooking the city. It offers a glimpse into Podgorica's past and affords panoramic views.
  • Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ: The largest Orthodox church in Montenegro, this stunning cathedral is known for its beautiful frescoes and impressive architecture.

Where to Stay in Podgorica?

The city boasts a variety of neighborhoods and regions that cater to different preferences and interests.

  • For those seeking a central location with easy access to attractions and amenities, the City Center is a popular choice with a range of hotels, from luxurious accommodations to budget-friendly options.
  • Another sought-after area is the New City, characterized by its modern architecture and bustling streets. .
  • If you prefer a more relaxed ambiance and picturesque surroundings, the suburbs of Gorica and Zabjelo are excellent options..

No matter which region you choose, Podgorica provides a warm welcome and a range of accommodations to suit every taste and budget.

What to Eat in Podgorica?

Podgorica offers a wide range of food options which will take you to a delightful culinary adventure where traditional Montenegrin cuisine meets international flavors. From savoring hearty meat dishes at the iconic Restaurant Pod Volat to indulging in fresh seafood at the acclaimed Stara Kuća, and treating yourself to irresistible pastries at Crna Ovca, Podgorica offers a diverse and mouthwatering dining experience that will leave you craving for more. Here are some of the best examples you can find in Podgorica to take a closer look to their food culture.

  • Njeguški Pršut (Njeguši Prosciutto): A renowned delicacy, Njeguški Pršut is a dry-cured ham with a distinct smoky flavor. You can enjoy this specialty at traditional restaurants like Pod Volat or Hotel Podgorica.
  • Kačamak: A hearty and traditional Montenegrin dish made from cornmeal and served with cheese, kačamak can be savored at cozy restaurants such as Kod Lale or Stara Kuća.
  • Čevapi: These delicious grilled meat sausages are a popular street food in Podgorica. Head to the Old Town area where you'll find Čevabdžinica Kod Miće, known for their tasty čevapi.
  • Cicvara: A rustic dish made from cornmeal, butter, and cheese, cicvara is often enjoyed as a side dish or a main course. Visit Restaurant Podgorica or Restaurant Most for a taste of this traditional delight.
  • Pita (Burek): A beloved pastry filled with various ingredients such as cheese, meat, or spinach, pita is a popular snack in Podgorica. Sample the delectable varieties at Buregdžinica Trpković or Buregdžinica Millenium.

What to Buy as Souvenirs from Podgorica?

An immerse shopping experience is waiting for you in Podgorica, where a mix of modern shopping malls like Delta City and Mall of Montenegro, along with vibrant local markets like Tržnica Džada and Tržnica Vaka Đurovića, await your exploration. Discover the latest fashion trends at designer boutiques in the City Mall, hunt for unique souvenirs and crafts at the Old Town Market, or find hidden gems in the bustling ambiance of the Green Market. Podgorica offers a shopping paradise for all tastes and budgets, promising an unforgettable retail experience. Below are some examples of what you should not miss buying in Podgorica:

  • Handicrafts: Podgorica offers a range of locally crafted items that reflect Montenegrin culture and heritage. Look for handmade traditional clothing, intricate embroidery, woven rugs, or wooden carvings to take home as authentic souvenirs.
  • Olive Oil: Montenegro has a thriving olive oil industry, and Podgorica is a great place to find high-quality, locally-produced olive oil. Look for bottles of extra virgin olive oil made from olives grown in the region.
  • Honey and Bee Products: Montenegro is blessed with diverse flora, resulting in excellent honey production. You can find jars of delicious honey, pollen, or royal jelly, all made by local beekeepers.
  • Traditional Souvenir Items: Look for small traditional items like miniature replicas of traditional Montenegrin houses, keychains with national symbols, or locally designed T-shirts and accessories that represent Montenegrin culture.

Things to Know Before You Go

Podgorica is considered as one of the safest cities in Europe where travellers can easily enjoy their holiday. It is important to take some extra layers even though you are travelling to the city during summer months because the weather can suddenly change in Podgorica.


Podgorica has a vibrant nightlife which anyone can find a place to hangout depending on their interests. There are various cafes, restaurants and bars where you can easily hang out with local people. You will find popular nightclubs like Hype Club, known for its energetic atmosphere and live DJ performances, and Montenegro's iconic hotspot, Maximus, renowned for its spacious dance floors and electrifying music events.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire): 112
  • Podgorica City Police: +382 20 665 222
  • Clinical Centre of Montenegro (Emergency Department): +382 20 412 500
  • Podgorica Airport (Golubovci): +382 20 444 244
  • Podgorica Tourism Organization: +382 20 667 536

When to Visit Podgorica?

Podgorica is a beautiful and vibrant city anytime of the year. But there are some important festivals and events that are worth catching which might help you to arrange your travel dates.

  • The Montenegro Wine Festival brings together wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs to sample the finest local wines.
  • The Podgorica Cultural Summer offers a diverse program of music, theater, and art exhibitions.
  • The Podgorica Film Festival celebrates the world of cinema, featuring a selection of thought-provoking films from around the globe.
  • The traditional Podgorica Carnival fills the streets with colorful parades and festivities, creating a joyful atmosphere for locals and visitors alike.

These festivals provide fantastic opportunities to immerse yourself in the cultural fabric of Podgorica while enjoying unforgettable experiences.



What is the best time to visit Podgorica?

The best time to visit Podgorica is during the spring and fall when the weather is pleasant and mild, and there are fewer tourists.


What are the must-visit attractions in Podgorica?

Some of the must-visit attractions in Podgorica include the Millennium Bridge, Clock Tower, Old Town (Stara Varoš), King Nikola's Palace, and the National Museum of Montenegro.


What are the transportation options for getting around Podgorica?

Podgorica offers various transportation options, including buses, taxis, and rental cars. The bus network covers most parts of the city, while taxis are readily available and affordable.


Is it safe to drink tap water in Podgorica?

Tap water in Podgorica is generally safe to drink. The city has a well-maintained water supply system, and tap water undergoes regular quality checks.


Are there any nearby day trip destinations from Podgorica?

There are several nearby day trip destinations from Podgorica. Some popular options include Lake Skadar, Ostrog Monastery, Lovćen National Park, and the coastal towns of Budva and Kotor.

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