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Other Cities

Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, is located in the South Caucasus. The city, which has hosted different civilizations with its deep-rooted history dating back to the fifth century, is one of the sightseeing routes that attract history and culture enthusiasts with its historical texture and rich cultural heritage. Standing out with its magnificent buildings, museums, and mosques reflecting its impressive historical past, Ganja arouses admiration with its unique architecture. This fascinating city, where four seasons are experienced, promises visitors a pleasant holiday experience intertwined with history and nature, with its friendly people, natural beauties, activities, and delicious local cuisine.

General Information

Country: Azerbaijan
Region: South Caucasus
Area: 110 km²
Language: Azerbaijani
Average temperature: 13,5 °C
Climate: Continental climate
Vegetation: Bushes, steppe, forest
The difference between GMT: GMT+4
Telephone Code: +994 / 22
Currency: Azerbaijan Manat (AZN)
Socket Type: Type C

Location of Ganja

Ganja, the second most popular and crowded city of Azerbaijan, is among the ideal travel routes of travelers with its rich cultural heritage. Located in the South Caucasus, the city is 360 km from the capital, Baku. Ganja, which is divided into two parts by the Ganja Stream, is very close to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

Best Time to Visit Ganja

Ganja has a temperate continental climate, with hot and dry summers and cold and snowy winters. Accordingly, the best time to visit Ganja is late spring and early autumn, when pleasant and welcoming weather. A three-day travel plan will be enough to visit and enjoy Ganja, which arouses admiration with its unique architecture and natural beauties accompanying its historical texture.

Festivals in Ganja

Different festivals and events are held in Ganja regarding local food and music. These are usually organized in the spring and summer. By making your travel plan to Ganja according to the dates of the festivals, you can have the opportunity to get to know the local culture and have a fun time. Also, during your trip to Ganja, you can go to Baku and attend the Mugham World International Music Festival, the most well-known festival in Azerbaijan.

How to Get to Ganja?

It is possible to get Ganja, which arouses admiration with its historical and cultural texture, fast and comfortable with the flights organized by Pegasus Airlines. Pegasus Airlines offers direct flights from İstanbul to Ganja with excellent flight ticket deals. The landing point of direct and connected flights scheduled by Pegasus Airlines from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) to Ganja International Airport (GNJ). You can also prefer connecting flights in Istanbul to get to the city from different destinations.

By following the advantageous price options and early booking opportunities of Pegasus Airlines, you can buy an affordable Ganja flight ticket.

Transportation in Ganja

Transportation from Ganja International Airport to City Center

Ganja International Airport is located approximately 20 kilometers away from the Ganja city center. You can get to the city center by public bus, minibus, taxi, and car.

You can get to the city center economically by buses that depart from the Ganja airport at half-hourly intervals. You can also prefer minibuses for transportation to different points of the city. If you are looking for faster transportation to the city center, you can reach any part of the city faster and more comfortably by using taxis.

You can rent a car to travel around Ganja at any time, and you can make your trip more enjoyable by renting the car you want with advantageous offers before your trip.

Public Transport in Ganja

Public transportation in Ganja is provided by public buses and minibuses. You can easily reach many city points by buses serving on different routes. One of the most used transportation options in Ganja is minibuses. You can quickly visit the surrounding cities and districts by using the minibuses, which provide convenience, especially in terms of transportation to the remote parts of the city. You can also have a faster and more comfortable travel experience by taking taxis or renting a car in advance.

Places to Visit in Ganja

With its deep-rooted history and rich cultural heritage, Ganja is among the ideal travel routes for tourists. The city, which has many places worth seeing in terms of culture and history, attracts many tourists every year with its magnificent historical buildings, unique architecture, and natural beauties.

Nizami Ganjavi Mausoleum

This mausoleum stands out as a sign of respect to the famous divan poet Nizami Ganjavi where he was born and lived, stands out as a sign of respect for the poet. Next to this tomb, one of the city's impressive structures with its magnificent structure, various sculptures in different forms, such as humans, birds, and horses, depict the poet's works.

Juma Mosque

Juma Mosque, one of the most visited places in the city, is considered one of the important cultural heritages of Ganja. The mosque, which dated back to the 17th century and was built of red bricks, impresses with its exciting architecture and ethnic embroideries in its interior. The mosque complex, also known as Shah Abbas, includes a madrasa, a Turkish bath, and a cemetery.

Atatürk Street

There are many historical buildings and museums on Atatürk Street, one of the most lively streets of Ganja. Atatürk Street, a very long street, attracts history lovers with its museums such as the Republic Museum, the History Museum, the Academy Museum, which reveal the city's history. In addition to its historical texture, there is a small bust of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at the beginning of the street, where many shops and cafes are located for shopping.

Bottle House

The Bottle House, built by a young architect in memory of his brother who was lost in the Second World War, is one of the most remarkable places of Ganja with its fascinating architecture. This multi-storey house, where 50 thousand glass bottles of many different sizes and colors are used in its construction, also has a dazzling appearance with its interior design. The Bottle House, which attracts a lot of attention from tourists with its unique design, is one of the important symbols of the city.

Goy Gol Lake

Goy Gol Lake, one of the most visited places in the city with its lush nature and clean air, is among the ideal routes for hiking and relaxing in a quiet environment. Located in Goy Gol National Park, the lake makes its visitors feel peaceful with the harmony of blue and green. There are also many restaurants and accommodation facilities around the lake.

Khan Bagy Park

Khan Bagy Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Ganja, arouses admiration with its lush nature accompanying its impressive view. The park, which has an exciting atmosphere with its walking areas and small ornamental pools, offers a peaceful and calm environment away from the city's crowds.

Where to Stay in Ganja?

Ganja offers many different accommodation options for its visitors, from luxury hotels to boutique hotels. Five-star luxury hotels are generally located in the city center on Atatürk street and Nizami Gencevi street. By choosing these hotels that appeal to those looking for a comfortable accommodation experience, you can easily reach the historical and touristic points of the city. Boutique hotels and hostels located in different parts of Ganja, which stand out with their different architectures, are ideal places for those looking for an economical accommodation option in company with the cultural and natural beauties of the city.

You can search all accommodation options and book your hotel in Ganja via Pegasus Airlines offers.

What to Eat in Ganja?

Ganja cuisine contains many flavors that bear Azerbaijani, Turkish, and Iranian food culture traces. At the beginning of the flavors that stand out in the Ganja culinary culture are the varieties of rice served with saffron and greens and prepared with different recipes. In the city famous for its soup and kebab varieties, shashlik kebab prepared with beef and lamb, Gurze ravioli, and Dovğa soup made with yogurt are the most popular local dishes. Sheki halva and baklava are among the most famous desserts of Ganja.

Other local delicacies that you should try in Ganja are as follows:

  • Qutab
  • Chicken Rice
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Fish kebab
  • Broad Bean Rice

Shopping in Ganja: The Best Souvenirs to Buy

Ganja has many shopping places where you can find things for yourself and your loved ones. There are many fashion and souvenir shops where you can buy clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs on Atatürk Street and Nizami Gencevi Street. Geometric patterned carpets and silk shawls, and scarves are among the top products in Ganja, which is famous for its handicrafts. Besides, if you are looking for a gift that reflects the city's culture, you can choose handcrafted jewelry, painted plates, porcelain and copper souvenirs, and local clothes. Also, you can find dried fish, caviar, honey, and local spices in the local markets set up on certain days in Ganja.

Ganja Mall, where you can find products of many famous brands in Ganja, is a place where you can shop, eat and have a pleasant time.

Nightlife in Ganja

Nightlife in Ganja is mainly experienced in nightclubs and bars located in and around the city center. Especially in the summer months, night entertainment in these places continues until the first light of the morning. In addition, entertainment with live music is organized in luxury hotels in the city center. On the other hand, in many cafes in Ganja, you can taste local dishes accompanied by local music and have a pleasant time.

Things to Know Before Visiting Ganja

  • Ganja was the capital of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic from 1918 to 1991.
  • In Ganja, besides Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian are also spoken.
  • The weather in Ganja is quite cold and snowy in winter. So if you are visiting Ganja during winter, you should bring thick clothes.
  • Although credit cards are widely used throughout the city, cash is also needed, especially in local markets.
  • Tap water is not drinkable in most regions of Ganja. Therefore, do not forget to have a bottle of water with you.
  • Most taxis do not have a meter. So, it is helpful to bargain before getting into the taxi.

Essential Phone Numbers to Know

Country Phone Code: +994

City Phone Code: 22

Ganja International Airport: +994 22 256 99 63

Police: 02

Ambulance: 03

Fire: 01

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