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Kutaisi Travel Guide

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Kutaisi, a peculiar historical settlement, fascinates travelers with its mosaic of antiquity and modernity. Being the third largest city after Tbilisi and Batumi, Kutaisi welcomes visitors eager to embrace the Caucasian traditions, walk through ancient-looking avenues, feel the north-south conformity of the Rhioni banks and see beautiful hills overhead. You can find flights from Istanbul to Kutaisi at affordable prices all year long.

General Information




Imereti region, central west of Georgia


67.7 km2 (city)


130.411 (urban) (recorded in 2023)



Average Temperature:

+14.8 degrees C on average (FROM +5.4 up to 24.7 degrees C)

Climate Zone:

Humid subtropical climate zone

GMT Difference:

UTC +4 (GMT)

Phone Code:

(+995) 431

ISO 3166 Code:

GE-IM (GE-KUT formerly)



Plug Type:

Type G with 230V power supply

Driving side:


Postal Code:


Car Plate:




Where is Kutaisi?

Kutaisi emerges as the administrative center of the Imereti region in Georgia. Being the third largest city in the country, it is a highly populated, modern and lively area for its settlers. Kutaisi is located 221 km to the west of Tbilisi, 148.6 km to the northeast of Batumi and 256 km to the northwest of Rustavi. It is also very close to the Turkish land border. Hopa is just 144 km and Artvin is 232 km away from Kutaisi. The city retains the glory of being one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Yet, the town seems like a romantic valley due to the Rioni river, splitting it in the middle.

Best time to visit Kutaisi

Not much different from other Imereti towns, Kutaisi shows off with hot and humid summer breezes, rare freezing days and heavy spring showers. The best season to visit Kutaisi is late spring, which means the end of April, May and June. If you are unwilling to walk under the burning sun, you may schedule your visit in September and October as well. Alternatively, you can spare your seat for the International Short Film Festival to be held in July and to the Gemo Fest to try gourmet delicacies. See our Kutaisi Travel Guide hints to inspire your trip scheduling.

How to get to Kutaisi?

Book your flight to Kutaisi from Istanbul (SAW) to get the shortest route towards the region. Your direct flight from Istanbul to Kutaisi will last just 1 hour and 20 minutes. The journey will lead you to the Georgian pearl by the Black Sea, Batumi, with a drive for 2 hours and 20 minutes. Tbilisi is also accessible via 3-hour drive on the highway. See Pegasus rent-a-car offers while checking the top places to see in Kutaisi.

Transportation from Kutaisi Airport to City Center

Kutaisi International Airport (KUT) is situated 14 km away from the center. You can get to downtown by bus, shuttle or just driving. The shuttle which is called ¨marshrutka¨ will take you from the terminal gate. You can also get on the airport bus at the same stop. The bus operates hourly and you will pay your fee to the driver. Marshrutkas may have more frequent, yet unstable, time schedules. Remember that you will need some Georgian lari to pay for the tickets. If you prefer a taxi, it takes about 24 minutes to get to the city. Do not forget to bargain the price before getting into it.

Public and Intercity Transport in Kutaisi

Kutaisi is a pedestrian-friendly city, which allows you to walk along the river towards downtown surrounding the Royal District and the UNESCO-listed monastery. If you plan a short journey to the beautiful countryside, you can get on ¨marshrutkas¨. For a farther town, you will need to get on an intercity bus at Chavchavadze Avenue. In that case, you will take bus nr 1 to transfer to the Reg Bridge zone.

Top places to visit in Kutaisi

Kutaisi, the administrative center of the Imereti region in Georgia, hosts splendid views of both banks of the Rioni River. The third largest city of Georgia has a lot to see in the Old Town. Walk through the Royal District, take a pause at the Colchis Fountain and Central Park. Explore the Old Jewish and Catholic districts while discovering the historical artifacts like Holy Annunciation Temple and Old Synagogue reminiscences. Go up the hill for ¨Aka Gora¨, where you'll find the Bagrati Cathedral with its blue stones and UNESCO heritage site Gelati Monastery dating back to the 12th century. If you prefer experiencing wildlife on the beautiful landscape, you can visit the Botanical Garden and wander around Choma District and go far to the Martvili Canyon. Spare some time to see the galleries of Kutaisi History and Arts Museum in the center as well as walking over the White Bridge for the best panoramic photo shots.

Where to stay in Kutaisi?

Being a dynamic hub for visitors of Georgia, you can find a wide range of accommodation alternatives in Kutaisi Old Town, Ukimerioni and near the riverside. Kutaisi offers low-budget hotels and hostels at Bzolebi, Balakhavani and the hilly outskirts for excursionists and by-travelers.

What to eat in Kutaisi?

The perfectly blended gourmet tradition in Kutaisi will highly satisfy your appetite. Never miss the chance to try khinkali dumplings with fresh meat and claypan mushrooms smoked with potatoes and some herbs and spices. You will be surprised how fast you devour khachapuri filled with salty Imereti cheese at a fulfilling portion. Taste different pastries baked with walnut, corn and blueberries whenever you catch their inviting smell.

What to buy in Kutaisi?

Shopping in Kutaisi will make you satisfied both with its low prices and the quality of local products. As the Imereti region is well-known for its vineyard products, you can buy some delicious homemade drinks for your friends from here. If you love dressing traditionally, some costume accessories, you should consider trying a Caucasian-Georgian typical hat with a black shaggy surface, mostly covered with swan feathers. You can find a wide variety of souvenirs at Chavchavadze Market and around the Colchis Fountain.

Things to Know Before Visiting Kutaisi

Before packing your suitcase, take a glance at Kutaisi Travel Guide’s pinpoints:

  • Georgian alphabet and scripts are so different from the Latin alphabet that you may get confused about understanding the etiquettes and shop names. Get ready for the first encounter by downloading Georgian-Turkish or Georgian-English translator to your mobile.
  • In Kutaisi, public transport stops as early as 9 p.m. on some routes and 10 p.m. in the majority. If you plan to stay late at a distant place, call a taxi before starting your night-plan. Do not forget to bargain with the driver before the journey.
  • Although Kutaisi has no sea shore, its elevation of merely 80 meters makes its weather so mild and sometimes as heavy as a sea resort. Get ready for sweating in mid-summer.
  • Check the visa requirements for your passport before booking your flight. Turkish passport holders are able to enter Georgia visa-free and Schengen visa holders are allowed to travel freely up to 90 days within 6 months.

Nightlife in Kutaisi

Entertainment and music are parts of daily routines in Kutaisi. You will easily explore pubs and live music restaurants where you can enjoy traditional music and lovely folk dances of the Imereti region. If you are a fan of rock, jazz and pop, you should take your seat in a pop-rock bar on Kupradze Street or Mari Brosse Street. Having your dinner with the accompaniment of a small orchestra, you should go to the Gallery Terrace where you will be excited with the charming panorama.

Essential Phone Numbers

Like in other Georgian cities, the emergency numbers are common all over the country.

  • Fire brigade - 111
  • Medical assistance - 112
  • Police and security inspection - 126

Remember getting alerts for cheap flights to Kutaisi from Istanbul throughout the year. You can check Pegasus offers delivered by the low-cost airline of Turkey for the best deals.

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