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Lesvos (Mytilene) Travel Guide

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Lesvos, also known as Lesbos or Mytilene, is one of the Greek Islands located northeast of the Aegean Sea. The island is one of the most prefered tourist destinations for those looking for a calmer environment. Lesvos has a rich culture with delicious food that indicates some of the Greek cuisine's best examples. The island played an essential role during ancient Greece and was ruled by many different states throughout history.

The climate in Lesvos is hot during summers and warm during winters. Compared to other Greek islands in the south, Lesvos has relatively colder and winder weather throughout the year. The average temperature for the island is 20°C, and it is possible to have an enjoyable time thanks to the different beaches. The native language of the island is Greek, and the local people can speak English and some Turkish.

The island is divided into six districts: Agiasos, Evergetoulas, Gera, Loutropoli Thermis, Mytilene, and Plomari. There are different places to see on the island, and travellers can enjoy the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea.

General Information

Country: Greece
Region: Mediterranean
Area: 1.633 km²
Language: Greek
Average temperature: 21 °C
Climate: Mediterranean
Vegetation: Maquis
The difference between GMT: GMT+3
Telephone Code: +2
Currency: Euro
Socket Type: Type C/F



How to Get to Lesvos?

The direct flights from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (IST) to Mytilene International Airport (MJT) enable easy access to this Greek island. The flight between these two airports takes approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. Also, there are connected flights that have one stop in Athens. Lesvos is well-connected to the rest of the world with different flight options.

Transportation from Mytilene International Airport to City Centre

To reach from Mytilene International Airport to Lesvos city centre, there is only one public transport option: the bus. The bus is a transit bus line that directly travels from the airport's departure terminal to Lesvos city centre. In addition to this airport bus line, you can also rent a car to reach Lesvos. Especially if you would like to visit other cities on the island, a rental car may be the best for you.

Public Transport on Lesvos

The entire cities, towns, and villages on Lesvos island are connected by bus lines. It is possible to take a bus from Lesvos city centre and reach almost all of the towns and villages on the island. If you would like to learn more about the bus routes on Lesvos island, you can click here.

Best Time to Visit Lesvos

The best time to visit the Greek island Lesvos is during summer. The weather on the island is hot, and travellers can enjoy the beautiful Aegean Sea during summer. In addition to that, spring and fall are ideal for those who want to spend a calm holiday with few tourists.

Festivals on Lesvos

Lesvos is one of the most lively islands in Greece. There are different festivals organised throughout the peak season which the tourists enjoy attending. Some of the most festivals in Lesvos are as follows:

  • Feast of Agios Ioannis Klydon (24th June)
  • Feast of Agios Andreas (4th July)
  • Feast of Prophet Elias (20th July)
  • Feast of Agia Magdalini (22nd July)
  • Feast of Ouzo (August)
  • Feast of Virgin Mary (15th August)

Places to Visit in Lesvos

Lesvos has a rich history and artefacts from ancient Greece. The visitors often enjoy the beautiful beaches and the historical sites on the island. If you are wondering about what to do in Lesvos, here are some of the key attractions on this island:

Molyvos Castle

Molyvos Castle is a famous historical site in Lesvos which dates back to Genovese in 1373. The castle is located in the eastern part of the island and offers an incredible view of the Aegean Sea. You can visit this castle by taking a bus from the city centre.

Monastery of Limonas

Located near Kalloni village, the Monastery of Limonas is an important monastery on the island that dates back to the 13th century. The monastery was closed in 1462 when the Ottomans conquered the island but was opened later in 1526. Today, the monastery has a large library consisting of about 5.000 books.

Roman Aqueduct

The Roman Aqueduct near Moria is one of the best examples of the Roman influence on Greek culture. It is an important structure from the ancient period which was used for carrying water to the city centre.

Where to Stay in Lesvos?

Lesvos has various accommodation options suitable for different budgets. It is possible to find luxurious gateways on the island as well as bed and breakfast options. The hotels are scattered across the island, and it is possible to find a hotel in different cities in Lesvos.

What to Eat on Lesvos?

Lesvos has some fine examples of Greek cuisine as well as a rich selection of seafood.

Moussaka – As one of the most famous Greek dishes, moussaka has eggplants, tomato, pepper and minced meat in it.

Dolmadakia – Minced meat or rice is stuffed inside vine leaves, bell peppers and tomato to prepare this delicious meal.

Greek Salad – Tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and olive oil are combined for a fresh lunch.

Shopping in Lesvos : The Best Souvenirs to Buy

Lesvos is famous for olive oil and olive oil soap, the best souvenirs to take back home. In addition to that, ouzo might be an excellent gift to take back home since this is the local drink of the Greeks.

Nightlife on Lesvos

The nightlife in Lesvos is comparatively calm than in the other Greek islands. However, there are many fine restaurants where travellers can enjoy a good meal and a good conversation.

Things to Know Before Visiting

Lesvos is in the GMT+3 time zone, just like the other cities in Greece. The centre of the island is relatively small, and it is safe to walk around the city centre. The island can be windy during summer, so it is better to bring some thicker clothes for the chilly nights.

Essential Phone Numbers to Know

Ambulance: +30 2251 041111

Police: +30 22510 41911

Municipality of Mytilene: +30 22510 41504,

Tourist Police: +30 22510 22776

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