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Rhodes Travel Guide

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Located in the Aegean Sea, Rhodes Island is one of the most prefered islands in Greece for a lovely holiday. The island attracts tourists worldwide with its unique nature, rich history, and tasty cuisine. Due to its important and central location, it has been home to various civilizations such as Hellenistic Greece, Byzantium, Crusaders, and Ottoman Empire. Since the island welcomed different civilizations throughout history, it is possible to see marks of all these different cultures.

Rhodes Island's warm and moderate climate enables travellers to visit the island even on winter days. Still, the peak season for Rhodes Island is summer since the travellers want to enjoy the sea and the Mediterranean sun. The island welcomes tourists from Greece and international tourists, with an average temperature of 26°C during summer. Greek is the native language of the island, but most of the tourist places can speak English and Turkish. All of these add a cosmopolitan atmosphere to this lovely Greek island.

The island is the biggest island of the Dodecanese, the twelve islands located east of Greece. The island is mostly uphill, with incredible hidden beaches scattered around the island. Travellers can discover these secret beaches by going around Rhodes Island.

General Information

Country: Greece
Region: Mediterranean
Area: 1.401 km²
Language: Greek
Average temperature: 21 °C
Climate: Mediterranean
Vegetation: Maquis
The difference between GMT: UTC+3
Telephone Code: +2
Currency: Euro
Socket Type: Type C/F



How to Get to Rhodes Island?

Rhodes Island is located close to the Turkish coastline, and it is possible to reach the island by taking a flight from Istanbul. Pegasus Airlines offers a direct flight from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Rhodes Airport. The journey from Istanbul to Rhodes Island takes approximately 4.5 hours. Flight prices are affordable for this line, especially if the flight tickets are bought early.

Transportation from Rhodes Island to City Centre

There is only one public transportation option from Rhodes Island to the city centre, the direct bus line that operates on this route. Travellers arriving at the Rhodes Airport can take this bus which accepts cash payment or a ticket bought from the kiosk. The journey between Rhodes Airport and Rhodes city centre takes approximately 30 minutes, and travellers can go to other towns and villages on the island from Rhodes city centre. In addition to the airport bus, it is possible to take a taxi or rent a car to reach Rhodes city centre.

Public Transport on Rhodes Island

The public transport on Rhodes Island is somewhat limited, and the only option to move around the island by public transport is to take the buses.

Best Time to Visit Rhodes Island

Summer is the best time to travel to Rhodes Island since the island is famous for the summer holidays. In addition to summer, spring and fall are also ideal for spending a calm and pleasant holiday.

Festivals on Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island has numerous festivals organised throughout the summer to bring visitors an enjoyable experience. Some of the major festivals organised on the Rhode Island are as follows:

  • Mediaeval Festival (June)
  • Watermelon Festival (July)
  • Dormition of the Virgin Mary (August)

Places to Visit on Rhodes Island

With its rich and long history, Rhodes Island offers a lot of historic sites and tourist attractions for visitors around the world. Some of the main attractions on Rhodes Island are as follows:

The Mediaeval Rhodes Town and Rhodes Castle

The Mediaeval town of Rhodes is the most famous tourist attraction on this island. The town is surrounded by ancient walls that the Crusaders left on the island. The Mediaeval town was protected from the outsiders and attacks with these long walls. The Rhodes Castle is a part of the Mediaeval town, and it can be visited for an amazing view of the Aegean Sea. Today, this town is home to numerous authentic restaurants and local stores.


Lindos is a small and enjoyable town just 50 km away from Rhodes city centre. The narrow streets of this town offer a unique Greek experience for travellers. Travellers can visit the old town, the castle or enjoy the lovely beach on the island.


Mandraki is one of the best places on the island to take short boat tours to discover some of the best swimming locations. This town used to have the famous Colossus of Rhodes, demolished in the ancient ages. The town is now renowned for fresh seafood and lovely beaches.

Colossus of Rhodes

The Colossus of Rhodes dedicated to sun god Helios was considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. However, the giant statue is no longer present, and only the stories about this statue are told among people.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley in Rhodes is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island, with hundreds of different butterfly species scattered across the valley. The valley is on the northeast part of the island, which can be accessed with a bus line that directly goes to the valley. More information about how to visit the Butterfly Valley can be found here.

Acropolis of Rhodes

The Acropolis of Rhodes is an important acropolis showing all the signs of Greek architecture. The acropolis dates back to the 3rd century BC, and the acropolis consists of an Apollon Temple, which was also a small theatre and a stadium.

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

When you visit the Medieaval City of Rhodes, the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is one of the main attractions in the area. The museum has a vast collection consisting of ancient artefacts from different periods of the Hellenistic era. More information about the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes can be found here.

Beaches in Rhodes

Rhodes is famous for its beaches, and it is possible to visit a different beach during your stay on the island. Some of the most famous beaches on the island are Tsambika Beach, Agathi Beach, Afandou Beach, and many more.

Where to Stay in Rhode Island?

Since the number of visitors on Rhodes Island are high, there are lots of options for accommodation around the island. It is possible to find different options for different budgets, bringing visitors a unique experience. Luxurious 5-star hotels and also smaller hostels are highly popular among tourists.

What to Eat on Rhodes Island?

Rhodes Island offers some of the best dishes from Greek cuisine. In addition to these famous dishes, Rhodes Island also has delicious seafood options. Some of the Greek dishes which you can find on the island are as follows:

Moussaka – This is a famous Greek dish prepared with eggplants, tomato, pepper, and minced meat.

Dolmadakia – This is a stuffed vegetable dish that can be prepared with minced meat or rice and by stuffing vine leaves, bell peppers, and tomato.

Greek Salad – This famous salad is made of cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, and olive oil.

Shopping on Rhodes Island: The Best Souvenirs

One of the best souvenirs to buy from Rhodes Island is olive oil. Olive oil is really popular across Greece, and it is possible to find some of the tastiest ones on the island. Also, olive oil soaps are among the popular gift options. Small statues of the Crusaders can be an excellent gift for history lovers.

Nightlife on Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island is famous for its nightlife, and it is possible to find different clubs and bars, especially in the Rhodes city centre. The entertainment and fun on the island never end, and the clubs are often open until early in the morning.

Things to Know Before Visiting Rhodes Island

Rhodes Island is located in the GMT+3 time zone, the same as the other Greek cities. It is easy to find your way on this island, and the island is one of the safest locations in Greece. It is better to be cautious with the sun since it can be too hot, especially during summer.

Essential Phone Numbers to Know

Ambulance: 166

Police: 100

Fire: 199

Rhodes Hospital: +2 241 360 000

Tourist Information: + 2 241 044 333

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