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Places to Visit in Muscat

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Muscat was home to British, Indian, Portuguese and Arab cultures throughout its history. Muscat's wonderful city architecture and atmosphere created with this cultural mix will take you to the Sinbad story. Because it is an important commercial port city, there are many beautiful places to visit and see in Muscat where many civilizations have left their mark. 

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Completed in 1994, the mosque is the second largest mosque in the Middle East. 300,000 tons of Indian sandstone was used in the construction of the mosque, the focal point of tourists. The interior architecture of the mosque, which attracts attention with its exterior architecture, is also quite interesting. When you go to the mosque, you should see the colorful embroidery and the world's second-heaviest one-piece carpet with a weight of 21 tons with 1.700.000.000 knots.

Al Jalali and Al Minari Forts

The castles built after the occupation of Muscat by the Portuguese were used as a dungeon to imprison the royal family of Oman. After the capture of Muscat by Oman troops, the castle was also used as a shelter and was occupied by the Ottomans and saw many restorations. Today, many historical monuments are exhibited and can be visited only by people who own the fortresses of the castle converted into a special museum of the multicultural history of Muscat where you can see closely. Although everyone can't visit the castles, you can watch or photograph the spectacular views created by the castles with the vast sea views.

Souq Muttrah

Muttrah Souq, also known as Al Dhalam in Arabic, means darkness. Souq, one of the oldest markets in the Arab world, is called dark because of its architecture. It is said that the traders inside the market, which was built to cut the light to protect from the sun, opened the bench only to the points where the sunlight hit and shoppers looked at the products using the lamp. You should see this place which has great effects on Muscat as an important commercial port on the Chinese and Indian trade routes. 

Bait Al-Zubair Museum

Bait Al Zubair Museum is located in the old Muscat. The museum, which is located in the flag of the country and contains many historical weapons such as khanjar dagger, which is unique to Omani culture, is the most suitable place in Muscat where you can learn Omani culture. The Oman village and Souq are just outside the museum.

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House, a magnificent synthesis of Islamic and Italian architecture, is one of the most famous tourist locations in Muscat. From September to May, many cultural and artistic events take place in the opera house, which creates a spectacular visual with its night lights and decorative garden. You can attend many events in the building which has a concert hall for 1100 people.

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